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In The Family

My grandmother frequented a psychic back in Italy and she believed in black magic… evil eye and all. Most old school Italians hold superstitious beliefs. I learned that tarot cards originated from there and that there were a lot of horror films made by Italians that have a cult like following. My father was a devoted fan of the paranormal, sci-fi and had a great love for the Halloween holiday. Ask him about Area 51, possession, or hauntings, and he will give you his lengthy theory. I remember that he loved to watch Unsolved Mysteries, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, That’s Incredible and other types of shows of that nature. I’m not surprised that I developed quite the taste for it as well. Even experiencing sensations and sensitivities and provided me a great knowledge of things that I had no idea about otherwise. I am very intuitive… I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Libra, or what, Libras are know for being very sensitive. I even experienced intense dreams, once I drempt about someone while feeling a very odd sensation and then the next day they were dead. I wish I could focus and develop these gifts, but currently I am a 9-5 slave that had to conform in order to survive.

Pretty spooky stuff, eh?


Everyday Should Be Halloween

I have always been captivated with Halloween, more so than Christmas, and much more than any other holiday. It was not the candy that drew my attention, rather, it was the tales of ghosts and goblins that really captivated me. You know at Halloween you can even be whoever you want… what other holiday can give you that! When I was a kid I remember reading a book based on a very poor Canadian family in Toronto, during the depression. My favorite part was when Bee experienced Halloween! So many were down and out, but many of the children still managed to enjoy it fully. Treats and all! The book is called Booky and it offered me a taste of Toronto history as well as a good story.

I am not looking forward to Christmas! I didn’t RSVP for my company’s party, I have not started shopping and I have not made any plans. I don’t know if I can fake it again this year. Sure, I love to spend time with my friends and family, but I am not into commercialism and all this seasonal hype. FU Martha Stewart! If I wanted to be perfect, I’d dip myself in plastic. In all reality Martha is far from perfect herself, however, she is very crafty… she can carve a mean pumpkin and can make the most delectable treats. She does get into Halloween too, though at times it’s corny, but I do wonder what her cookies and other treats taste like lol

Martha's Halloween Book
Martha Mask

When I was walking by the lake tonight, I felt a strange sensation so I looked up and noticed a sharp burst of light radiating from a heavy ball floating in the ink stained sky. Dragging my attention down was the sturdy, yet deteriorating, grey structure of the decrepit plant. A full moon is special enough on it’s own, but being drawn to such a devious site at the same time was such utter pleasure. I have wanted to venture into that now dormant industrial cement palace ever since I laid my eyes on it. I have walked around its heavily gated outskirts several times, but never had the urge, or guts, to scale them… they are kind of high. One indivdual has penetrated it and has a site that tells all about his experience.


This Is What Happened… This REALLY Happened

I frequently watch Canada’s Scream channel to gain a quick horror fix. Masters of Horror is a particular delight of mine that I often enjoy (11pm on Saturday nights). Hell, I even watch their cheesy movies every now and then too. Tonight 2,000 Maniacs ended early and This Is What Happened came on. A son and his mother recounted actual events they encountered while living in their seemingly haunted home. The son experienced the brunt of the activity, even waking with scratches and bite marks. They should really expand these shorts into a TV series. There can never be enough of these shows for me and the only other show like this was, Mysteries Canada. It was a series that featured stories based on the books written by Robert John Columbo chronicling paranormal activity in Canada. Discoveries A Haunting is another ghostly series, but it is based on hauntings in the US. It’s documentary style really appeals to me and I am still anxiously awaiting the new season! Discovery used to air it 10pm Fridays, but it’s been off for months now. Perhaps they are considering removing it from their schedule. I certainly hope not! They should really have A Haunting Toronto. Now that would be quite the show! Repeats of the series can still be seen…

Check out
as well and feel free to search around for other paranormal related clips.

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