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Ipsos Reid Poll shows spooky results


Sat, 2007-12-29 19:06.


Fyiza Chaudhary

A new Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of CanWest News Service and Global Television finds that while two thirds (66%) of Canadians say that they believe in angels and half (48%) of the nation says they believe in spirits and ghosts. One in 10 (10%) Canadians believe that there is a spirit or ghost actually living in their house or residence, that’s 2.5 million Canadians. Citizens of Alberta top the list in believing there is something or someone living in their homes with (17%) followed by Ontario (11%), Saskatchewan/Manitoba (8%), Atlantic Canada (7%) and British Columbia (5%).
If you are a woman (13%) you’re slightly more likely than a man (6%) to believe you have an extra visitor. And when it comes to age groupings, there really isn’t much difference: middle aged (11%), and younger (9%) and older (8%).

** UPDATE – January 2012 stated that the Bright Pearl was closed and my husband and I were downtown Chinatown and noticed that the side steps had cardboard covering them and the inside lights were off.  The outside lights were still on though?  Not sure if this is a permanent thing.   I hope not.  The ambiance was great but they could work on a few things like not take so long with the food next time.  Plus I would like more dinner specials.  Anyways, just thought I would let you all know.


December 2007

About two weeks ago I received a flier from the Bright Pearl Chinese restaurant, located on Spadina Avenue, in Chinatown. Big deal, right? Well instantly I recognized the picture of it from the book Haunted Toronto, by John Robert Columbo. I was so thrilled to find out that they were still in business. I thought that they were closed because the main entrance, right on Spadina, was sealed. Later I learned that the door was moved in an attempt to better a somewhat troubling spirit situation. My husband and I planned to go for dinner that coming Friday night. The minute we got there I felt unusually afraid and very cold. When I sat down it seemed the cold was swirling around me. My heart was racing and I felt so much energy I needed to take extra time ordering. Knowing what it may have been before was a little unsettling, but I felt that there was more than that. I was sensing so much activity there and I even went around after our meal looking for something. I guess after my own experiences I sometimes feel that I am seeking more paranormal puzzle pieces to help make a clearer picture for myself to see what else is out there. I never saw anything or heard anything out of the ordinary… just a lot more confusing vibes. The food was good, but the portions were a bit small. I felt that there could have been a lot more meat to be honest. The dim sum and drinks were reasonable at around $3.00 – $6.00 each, but I found the dinner combos a bit pricey. We ordered the dinner for two A ($36.95+tax), 2 drinks and 3 dim sum platters and it was over $70 dollars with tax & tip. They are a rather upscale restaurant and we frequent more economical establishments where dinner for two starts at $19.99 and with much larger portions too. I will most likely go there again, but most likely for a brunch or lunch and not dinner. I still think that it’s a must visit because the ambiance is rather something any true paranormal lover should experience. For further details please check out the following link of the restaurants website,

A bit of history about this location can be found at GHRS at the link below,
Bright Pearl

If you are interested in stories  about a haunted telephone (found right here in Toronto!), local exorcisms and other strange but true events, then you should listen to Richard Syrettith’s Strange Planet.

Below is a link to  some clips that I found on the net, they will give you a flavor of this rather odd savor.   I’m really glad I found this show because  I’m sure I will learn more about Toronto paranormal, as well as strange but true stories from all over the world!


Great Gift Ideas For A Paranormal Lover

I had to do a little Christmas Shopping last night and I went to the Worlds Biggest Bookstore, on Yonge & Dundas,, and I was happy to find that they have paranormal books for sale on the second floor. Also on the second floor, near the downward escalator, you will happen upon a ghostly display which includes at least 3 books from John Robert Columbo himself. True Canadian Haunting Stories, More True Canadian Ghost Stories and an alien book (that I should have picked up too) for $9.99 each (plus tax). They are also having a sale.. buy 3 books and get the 4th free so I received the cheapest book free for $9,99. I also picked up a Ghost Hunting Chronicles hard cover book for $14.99 (plus tax) that seems to be a great paranormal guild to ghost hunting. For my forth book I found The Midnight Hour by John Robert Columbo for 19.99 (plus tax). Chapters Indigo would be another great store to check for paranormal books. I unfortunately didn’t make it to the location in the Eaton’s Centre, but I checked their site online and they had a good selection. They are also having the 4 for 3 sale too! I buy myself the best Christmas presents! Both locations are having the sale until December 24, 2007. HMV, on Yonge Street, had tons of DVDs for really reasonable prices. I purchased 28 Days Later & Shawn of the Dead for $20 plus tax. I buy myself the best presents lol!

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