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Yes, Mathew. I totally agree. Paranormal State scores an A with me. Hair on end… check! Gluteus maximus on the edge of my seat… check! Heart beating and blood rushing… check! Even from the intro I felt that I could totally relate to Ryan, the shows director, and I understood the fear from his own unexplained paranormal experiences and his search for answers. The show features a child, Matthew, that is sensitive and is capable of seeing ghosts, both good and bad. He seemed like the real deal and even pointed out “Timmy”, a presence that is very familiar with the boy, from an old photo before he died. The only thing wrong with this show is that it’s not long enough! It’s duration is on 30 minutes… come on A&E! Thank goodness they aired another new show right after. The second show was based on demons and it even involved a family that had a demon in their midst. Pretty scary stuff and the spookiest part about it is that the truth is stranger than fiction. That family that Ryan and his crew were helping also were being aided by the Roman Catholic Church.

Both premier shows featured the terms such as “dead air” which pretty much means that at 3am it’s prime time paranormal. For more terms check out the link below…

If you missed this show don’t worry… it repeats. Please see the link below for scheduled times.


Toronto is on the map with the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse ,which located in the Toronto Islands, downtown Toronto. It is featured in Trip Advisors number 6 position.

Sure of all the haunted places in Toronto, Trip Advisor had to go and list the one place I missed out on. I am so dying to see this place… gawd!

For the full article please visit the link below:





About a month ago I posted a link to the above mentioned article, but due to technical difficulties it was lost so I thought I would re-post it . Also, some accounts were lost too so please feel free to re-sign up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ghosts, and the man who hunts them

By THIEN HUYNH — Sun Media

24 Hours-Toronto


Have you ever felt a tingly chill suddenly brush your neck, as if someone whispered in your ear? How about that feeling that you’re being watched? You either have a peeping- tom problem or a haunting on your hands.

When there’s something strange in the neighourhood, who you going to call? Some people turn to John Mizzi, a Toronto-based investigator for Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada. Just don’t call him a ghost buster.

“We don’t vanquish ghosts. We just investigate to see if they are there. First, I look for natural causes such as creaky stairs or cold spots that are just drafts,” says Mizzi, an electrical mechanic by day and ghost hunter by night.

Mizzi comes to each potential haunting armed with an array of special equipment. He’s fully-loaded with infrared lights, EMS meters that read magnetic fields, thermal meters, a shotgun microphone and most importantly, three tape recorders.

“I bring three tape recorders and place them near different people. Most of the electronic voice phenomena readings indicate that ghosts communicate directly near our head level, as if they are whispering to us. So when you’re alone sometimes and hear a faint voice, it could be more than your imagination,” says Mizzi.

You’d think a paranormal investigator would be fearless, but Mizzi admits to getting creeped out sometimes.

“I still get the willies late at night. My scariest encounter was when I was a kid. Our house in Etobicoke was haunted by a ghost that would run across my bedroom hallway at night. One time I woke up to find a large indent in my bed, as if someone was sleeping beside me,” says Mizzi.

As far fetched as ghost hunting might sound, the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society reports that there were over 20 paranormal sightings in residential homes and lists over 70 hauntings in public buildings and businesses, ranging from the Keg Mansion to City Hall, where there are definitely evil spirits and scary new taxes lurking around that need to be vanquished.

– Thien runs Thursdays in 24 hours.

The Mediums program is a special that delves into the lives of persons blessed with the paranormal phenomena of psychic intuition. They are able to speak to the dead, solve crimes, ghost busting, and know things that others are not able to know without the special gift. It’s on right now until 2pm channel 31 on Roger’s A&E.

Psychic Children is airing right after the Mediums program and from what I gathered from the listings info blurb, the show is of children and that have psychic intuition.

The Mediums and Psychic Children shows are very interesting so I recommend that you check it out. Don’t worry if you miss it because A&E repeats, or check out YouTube, and/or try other tv sites that actually have shows up that you can watch via live streaming… just Google “watch tv online”.

I can relate to both programs and it feels great to know of other people that experience these feelings and these bits of information that we hold. Before Hurricane Katrina I felt so terrible. I woke up in the middle of the night crying and told my husband that I feel something terrible was about to happen. I shook me when I discovered that something indeed happen.

Don’t forget Paranormal State is on tomorrow night on A&E, Rogers 31, 10pm/9C!


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8Dec 07

We all know about the many public places that are said to be haunted in Toronto, but what about the homes that have paranormal activity with families living in them? I am very curious about those and would love to hear or read accounts of them. Sure, we often learn bits and pieces about these hauntings on TV and about people claiming to have lived in these types residences with active energy, but what about the people that are not afraid and that have accepted the spirit or spirits into their lives and that are still living with them today. I have watched “A Haunting” far to many times to know that those cases are very rare and just like in Poltergeist, the majority of people usually do leave rather abruptly.  I remember living in a home that had a bit of activity, but it was only in a certain area of the house. I eventually learned to avoid that area altogether because I was far too young to let go and experience it without great fear. The rooms often left me with the sensation that someone was watching me, but that only occurred when I was alone. Now that I look back, I didn’t stay home alone too often because the energy I was picking up was not very positive and felt dark.

Apparently the Haunted Toronto book, by John Robert Columbo, has become quite the smoking hot commodity. was selling them used for around $342.00 US, but it’s down to $80 now! I was very lucky to score mine on Ebay for only $19.99 US last month! but I’m sure there are a lot of other places that one might look in order to obtain their own. If you would like your own copy just keep an eye out for one both on and off line. Thrift shops are a great place to look for vintage and used treasures. And don’t forget to check the online classifieds like Kijiji and Craigslist. 

Taking the TTC regularly allows ample time for me to read. I am currently enjoying an biographical book based on Jim Morrison, No One Here Gets Out Alive. He believed that fear is one of our greatest emotions. From what I have read so far, it is obvious to me that he was constantly thrill seeking to attain that almighty high of the ultimate sensation… fear. Another reason fear is one of the most sought after emotion, is because it makes you feel alive and grateful for your existence. We all love to be afraid at times, but as long as we are able to control it, like viewing horror movies or following the paranormal. You wade into the pool of darkness only to run out into the safe warmth of light. Back to Mr. Morrison… he was not only very intelligent, creative and talented, but he was into the occult too. One of his “wives” was a witch and he participated in a wicca ceremony in order to marry her. He also enjoyed other types of rituals too, including drinking human blood.

In 2004 the producers of Creepy Canada were offering $50,000.00 for paranormal proof.

Since that offer is no longer valid I decided to do a little ressearch and found links to other interested parties willing to part with some bills for paranormal proof. Wouldn’t it be great if it were someone in Toronto that has this proof! Hopefully someone will represent and make us Torontonians proud! Wiki has the links!


I was bored and didn’t really feel like going to sleep yet, so I did a little search and found this video and thought I should post it. I’ve never seen an actual ghost before… other than the glowing spheres that have showed up in a few of my family photos. I’m not sure if this is legit or not, but I certainly hope it is.

What do you think?

While reading Haunted Toronto, written by John Robert Columbo, I came across a section featuring a haunted lighthouse that is located at the southwestern tip of the Toronto Islands. I was really chilled with the events that Mr. Columbo entailed.
I have been to the Islands dozens of times and always felt something eerie, heavy and dark there. It contradicted the beauty that surrounded me so I always shook it off, but when I learned of the lighthouse, all the pieces feel into place and made sense. The gruesome tale involved a caretaker and soldiers that were in search of lager, but the only thing was that the caretaker did not want to give it up. Well I’m sure you can probably guess what happened next, but for those who want every juicy detail then might I suggest that you read the book or search about the lighthouse on the net. I found a site that is dedicated to the lighthouse and it’s history…

I attempted to go to the lighthouse this fall but the ferry was on a reduced schedule and only dropping off and picking up those from Ward Island. We tried to walk, but we didn’t even make it to Centre Island. I was very disappointed, but I guess I will re-visit in the spring.


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