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Ghost Phone

I was watching Paranormal State on A&E tonight and they have introduced a relatively new device called Frank’s Box.  It’s an instant EVP machine that amplifies ghostly voices.  It was a little hard to hear but I could make out voices. It’s amazing to say the least and it did seem to assist in the investigation.

I was doing one of my usual searches and happened upon some Halloween footage that featured Parkdale. A rather interesting fellow guided us on a tour of some of the haunted locations there. Please see it below… For Local Paranormal Meets!

I have been speaking with some rather interesting people.  One suggested that I join the Barrie group on… apparently they hold investigations and meets.  I do think it would be a great way to learn more about the metaphysical and about others with the same interests and/or experiences. Please see the links below for more information.

Barrie :

Toronto P.I.S.T.:

Others :

I was lucky enough to witness the eclipse last night, but I still wanted more so I searched Youtube and found an actual clip of the spectacular event!  Please enjoy.

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