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Hans Holzer: The Original Ghosthunter

April 26, 2008

Hanz Holzer:  The Original Ghosthunter

by Bill Knell

In a day when ghost investigation has become a subject for reality television and those involved are more like cartoon characters than serious researchers, it’s prudent to take a look at a real Ghost Hunter. Hans Holzer has authored 160 books about the paranormal. Born in 1920, he has spent many years of his life investigating the ghost phenomenon throughout the world. Hans was the first academically trained researcher to define ghosts and ghostly activity for Parapsychology and his book, The Ghost Hunter (published in 1963), set the standard for understanding and investigating that area of the paranormal. Holzer earned his Phd from the London College of Applied Science and has helped establish many of the protocols used by Parapsychologists today. He’s taught Parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology and has a wealth of hands-on experience when it comes to ghost hunting. After attending one of his lectures back in the 1970s, I found Hans to be fair, objective and serious about the investigation of paranormal events. More importantly, he’s a wonderful Mentor that has helped many people interested in ghost research to get started on the right path.

Holzer is one of the first paranormal researchers to appear on television and create a positive impression. I recall seeing him in a number of specials, shows and news documentaries aired during the 1960s. This was a time when the media was especially skeptical about anything involving ghosts. His work on the paranormal investigation of historical sites in New York City, for example, was filmed, shown on television and received an excellent response from viewing audiences and the news media alike.

Anyone that is a fan of Leonard Nimoy’s ‘In Search Of’ series of the 1970s will recall seeing Hans on the show. Holzer’s book, The Ghosts That Walk in Washington, became a classic read on Washington, D.C. ghosts and an excellent written account of his famous Woodrow Wilson House ghost hunt. Hans frequently works with Mediums and isn’t afraid to embrace alternative ideas and methodologies. His book, Ghosts, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and become a definitive work on the subject. Hans says of that book, “It’s an encyclopedia of all the ghost cases that I have been involved in.”

Beyond the fact that Hans Holzer stepped up and made the investigation of ghostly activity a legitimate area of study, I appreciated his work because we both have something in common. Hans became interested in the paranormal when he was eight years of age. I became interested in UFOs, ghosts and the paranormal when I was nine years of age. That makes a difference. It gives you time to formulate ideas, study the work of others and develop a healthy respect for objectivity, as opposed to becoming a true believer, skeptic or debunker.

I am happy to see that Alexandra Holzer, daughter to Hans Holzer and Artist, Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden, has taken on the task of writing about what it was like growing up in that family. Her book, Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir, is a delightful collection of stories and behind the scenes facts about her famous dad and mom, as well as their children. Among other things, the book delves into what it was like for Hans to take on a world set against the belief that ghosts were anything more than loose floorboards, overactive imaginations and drug induced or psychotic fantasies.

It’s easy for anyone to enter an allegedly haunted environment with a camera crew in town, check a few meters, run a digital recorder for possible EVPs and try and debunk the place. It’s another thing to take on the same task armed with the knowledge, well-rounded skills and a serious desire to objectively unlock the secrets of the unseen world. Hans Holzer has set the standard for ghost investigation and provided an excellent example for the rest of us to follow. For more, visit

Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author and Consultant with eclectic interests. Best known for his Paranormal Research and Seminars, Bill also excels in the area of personal, business and financial advice and management. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Omni, the L.A. Times, Toronto Star and NY Times; seen on CNN, NBC Nightly News, Fox Television and many Cable Networks; heard on Mancow, Bob and Tom and Howard Stern; consultant to films like Independence Day, Men in Black, the Fifth Element and World of the Worlds.

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Inside Out

I just want to let everyone know that I am feeling very inward lately. I have been holding back because I am just so consumed with my mundane job. I really hate it because it absorbs a lot of my positive and creative energy. It takes all my strength to work in property management and you almost have to disconnect yourself in order to function. I don’t recommend that field to anyone.  It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t some evil people that I had to work closely with, but there are these two people in particular that are in my own department that are the devil. I have worked with a**holes before but it never gets easier. The biggest demon is my boss who is obviously bipolar in how they carry on and how they also allow another very disturbed co-worker to behave even more irrationally then them. The devil jr’s behaviour is very haunting… from slamming office equipment to snapping at clients & fellow colleagues. I feel that this person is really consumed by a lot of negative energy.. they may even be possessed! It’s very difficult to work with that beast and I know my boss is aware and enjoys it. My boss even commented once on how they would like to find new ways to torture us. In this day and age I can not believe that people like that are allowed to continue their employ. They seem to poison the workplace and many a person has complained about these two. I gave myself a cutoff date of when I resign. Good money seems to be the main reason why I stay. I also love working downtown and there are some nice people that I work with to… it only takes one rotten apple to ruin it, but at that place there are two! I don’t allow them to see that they greatly annoy me because the first day that I started I picked up that they were trouble and I was determined to always take the higher road, even if that meant being a bit fake. I have unintentionally driven devil jr to the brink of wanting to kill me lol I can’t help but enjoy her try and try and try to push my buttons with no luck and then end up looking so terrible  herself lol She has gone from trying to make me look horrible to instead make herself look worse… even insane! I know that if it wasn’t for my VP, my boss and her screwed up sidekick would have gotten rid of me long ago, but I am an excellent worker. I have had a vision in a dream about my boss… how she turned a co-worker friend against me when she returned from matt leave. It was so clear that when she came over to me and told me that I was fired and to get out I was a bit shocked.  At this point I know that I could twist this around and actually have what they intended for me to happen to them, but then I would be just as evil. I am not like that.. I do not wish harm or ill fate on anyone. I think the best thing to do is leave. I quit before but they didn’t want me to go and have made every effort in order for me to stay. I just can’t stand the negativity and hate that are emanating from those two twits. I feel so sorry for them in a way because instead of focusing their energy into positive things they are being consumed by this hate. They are very troubled people with lots of issues in their personal lives… it seems the biggest pr#cks at work are the ones with no lives that try to create drama at work to have some sort of life.  I have a great life outside of work and I am the type that can’t hold onto bad vibes!  I have to vent about it right away and then it’s fine, but lately it seems that all the venting in the world isn’t helping and I certainly don’t want to end up miserable like them!  So I have decided that I am going to do something else!  I think I might venture into indulging into a passion instead.  I want to do what I love and not do the 9to5 for someone else anymore!  Thanks for taking the time to read this.. I’m just feeling so… so… weirded out, I guess, would be the best way to describe it. Why did I have to meet and get to know those people. I wonder if the afterlife it is like that? If we feel these troubled souls. I would not want to exist if that were the case. Having a body usually assists in blocking these vibes for most people, unlike myself, but to be totally open to their rot and negativity! Maybe that’s why there is a hell. I really hope I never have to encounter that bs in it’s full capacity.

Former North York’ers Ghostbuster Article

Finally an interesting article about a former North York man, originally from Peterborough, that experienced the paranormal first hand and is now hot for hauntings and ghosts! He’s a 9-5′er like myself and doesn’t charge to assist people in ridding their paranormal problems. I give him props for that! There should not be any costs involved at all when it comes to science! To be honest it should all be funded by the government, as would any research. I know it would be very valuable to mankind if we could find out the answers that seem to haunt us when it comes to the metaphysical world. Imagine the peace our society would feel if we knew exactly what was going on and maybe even what our purpose on this earth was. Instead they pump gazillions into bs research. Please! They have a cure for AIDS and cancer, I bet. They don’t disclose it because the pharmaceutical business is big business. Anyways, please check out the article below. .

Ghostbuster shares haunting stories at city workshop; Spooked? Who are you gonna cal?

Posted By Kovach, Joelle

Posted 2 days ago

There’s something spooky about the way Cameron Bagg introduces himself to people.

“Hi – I’m the ghost guy,” he says.

Bagg means he investigates haunted buildings. It’s a passion for him, something he does in his spare time.

If you suspect you’ve got a haunting, he says, he’s the guy you should call.

Do you want evidence there are ghosts in your house? Want someone to chase them away? Bagg is your man.

He doesn’t do any of this for money. He loves ghostbusting so much, he does it for free. He’s no johnny-come-lately. Bagg has been doing this for 20 years, and feels he’s pretty good at it.

“I think I may be at the front of the pack of ghosthunters,” he says.

On Saturday, Bagg is prepared to reveal some tricks of his trade at a four-hour workshop at the Peterborough Public Library.

Bagg will discuss his encounters, the history of ghost hunting and the basics on how to conduct your own haunt scene investigation.

He’s conducted similar workshops in Toronto, over the last two years. This is his first in Peterborough. Later this month, he’ll be repeating the workshop in Port Hope, Port Perry and Lindsay.

He’s doing it because he wants to encourage people to fearlessly investigate haunt scenes.

Bagg, 44, grew up in North York and has family in Peterborough. About a year ago he moved to Arndon Avenue, in the city’s south end, with his 11-year-old son.

He’s an employment counsellor who assists adults with special needs. But that’s his nine-to-five work. His ghost-hunting hobby started when he was 23 and moved into a haunted apartment in North York with his new wife.

He didn’t believe in ghosts. That was to change when Bagg and his wife were confronted with the unexplained.

For example, Bagg would hear a woman’s voice calling his name – or he’d hear footsteps in the next room – when he was alone.

He asked whether anyone had died in his apartment. The building superintendent said an elderly woman had died suddenly, of a stroke, in the kitchen.

Bagg figured it was her ghost and meant him no harm.

Instead of fearing her and trying to get rid of her, Bagg started reading about other hauntings and asking people to share their ghost stories.

After about two years, he moved but had developed an obsession with haunt scenes.

Soon, people would learn of Bagg’s interest through word of mouth. He started getting telephone calls from people living or working in haunted buildings. He gets these calls all the time.

Sometimes, people just want to talk to someone about their encounters with ghosts to reassure themselves that they aren’t crazy. Others want him to gather evidence.

Bagg says it’s possible to capture ghost images on video if you use an infrared camera designed to take footage in the dark.

Once it’s been determined the house is haunted, Bagg can offer tips on encouraging the ghost to leave.

For example, you can tell the ghosts, in a firm tone, that they’re not welcome.

“If you don’t want them, tell them to go,” he says. “I know it sounds New Agey. But even though it seems like hooey, it works.”

In more than two decades, Bagg has investigated about 25 hauntings, many in the Toronto area, and some in Peterborough.

Bagg has investigated two Toronto area schools where ghost children appear to janitors or scribble on the blackboards at night.

He’s also investigated haunted houses and restaurants. He keeps the locations confidential, not everyone wants it publicized that their house or business is haunted.

Bagg is investigating some local haunt scenes. He’s been in touch with some Peterborough homeowners who are concerned about a ghostly cat prowling the house.

He plans to go investigate a cemetery near Bowmanville where he’s heard a woman’s ghost has been wandering. Apparently she wasn’t buried in the same plot with her husband, and she’s looking for him. Bagg’s been living here and hasn’t had time yet to investigate many haunted places.

He wants to check out the most spook-infested buildings in the city, the ones that have sent other people fleeing in fear.

“I want to see the scariest places in town,” he says. “Send me your ghosts.”

Bagg’s kept in touch with some of the ghost hunters he’s met. Some go with him on investigations, an informal group that he calls The Haunt Club.

If that interests you, he says, he’d like to see you at his workshop. He’d love to see more local people getting involved in ghosthunting as a hobby.

Every spooky building in town should be checked out thoroughly; and he wants to recruit people to help.

“I want to put Peterborough on the map as the ghost capital of the world,” he says with a smile.

Ghost facts:

- What: The Haunt Club’s Travelling Ghost Show is a lecture by a ghost researcher with 20 years of experience. It covers topics such as the history of the ghost and how to conduct your own haunt scene investigation.

- Researcher: Cameron Bagg, a local ghost-buster, (877) 745-5588

- Who’s it intended for: Skeptics and believers alike. Bagg says this is meant for anyone over the age of about 12 who is curious about ghosts.

- When: Saturday, April 5, from noon to 4 p.m.

- Where: The Peterborough Public Library, 345 Aylmer St. N.

- Admission: $25 at the door.

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