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Thifting For Spirits

I am a big collector of a strange 70s doll and so I would go to a lot of thrift shops to try and find them.  They were a bit harder to find, but I never left without some sort of treasure.  I would often find Ouijas and for some reason I would snatch them up without any hesitation.  I brought home a lot more than I bargained for, and I am still trying to piece together my paranormal experiences.  I still have two boards with me now and I find comfort knowing that they are there… strange, perhaps?  Yes, but I am becoming less and less afraid.  Even when I was little I opened a door without any Ouija’s to experience my first metaphysical taste.  I was always sensitive and thought it would be cool to hold a seance like a witch. By burning candles and a few spiders I was soon on my way!  I was only a stupid kid and had no idea that it would lead to such a wicked energy.  That must have opened the door, as well as the Ouija boards, it must be the reason for my experiences.  It doesn’t help that I am prone to sensing energy though.  This blog is helping me piece together the bits to help answer a lot of my questions.  I know that I will never exactly know everything, but at least I am on the way to easing my mind. I totally believe that there is something else… something of a paranormal nature. Energy never dies but exactly what happens after death is still a big mystery to me and probably to so many others. If we as humans would stop fueling wars and hate and start focusing on science we could surely find out. We could also cure death entirely too if we wanted. I don’t want to live forever if there is something better though.

It’s for sale: Haunted, boxy, loads of gaudy murals (and morals) steps from the TTC, and full of spirits. Both kinds


The Toronto Sun Website

(Newsflash: The Sun building will be listed for sale, publisher Kin-Man Lee tells staff. It’s too big and he doesn’t want to be a landlord. So … )

Hurry!!! Primo!!!! Won’t last!!!!


Sidesplit, 300,000 square-foot red-brick jewel in the heart of red-hot Olde York.

Historic, original 1970s Box of Brick style, with STUNNING addition and makeover in Late 20th-Century Revival.

Steps to TTC. In fact, be careful or be schmucked by a streetcar. Perfect location for flipping bird at drivers during sudden transit strikes.

Parking for 190, plus 351/2 baths, including toilets for 94, urinals for 21, and showers for 15 very, very close friends.

Let’s party!!! Spacious living-dining. Finished basement. Three full kitchens. Water coolers, which have heard some amazing tales.

No bedrooms as such, but comfy couches galore and countless stairwells to curl up in.

Comfort Room, to entertain a special someone or unwind after cleaning 351/2 washrooms.

Let the sun shine in!! Or gawk at the stars, and I don’t just mean Liz Braun. Skylights soar above Gone With The Wind central staircase.


Stock up on Windex. 232 windows in assorted shapes and sizes, and you keep the vertical blinds.

Light fixtures stay, including some wires we’re not sure what the hell they are.

Picturesque 3.92 acres, with sweeping views of the lake, CN Tower, financial district, Betty’s bar, Zoulpy’s deli and Fire Station 333.

Newer roof.

Security PLUS! Sixteen cameras. WHAT!!!?? (Not in the comfort room, Mikey.) Steely men in uniforms also available.

Zoned commercial, but we can fix that. Mayor Miller luvs us.

PLUS!!! a ton of other bonuses!!!!

Wall-to-wall carpet, potted plants, pot-lights, any pot left in the entertainment department, and 50 tons of Goss presses, for that busy modern family with heavy printing needs.

One of a kind haunted room!!!!

Everyone who has ever occupied a certain second-floor office has been fired. Rare opportunity for business owner with problem employee. Or family with problem child.

Other spirits abound, with names like Rimmer, Big Red, Shaky, Mac, Moneypenny, the Moaner, the Baron.

Did we mention the murals?!!

Kick back with a brew and feast your eyes on the history of Toronto parading across your very own Front St. wall.

Or the Donato masterpiece in the breakfast nook, lampooning many celebs.

Andy says it’s worth $4.5 million in today’s market.

But, for you, FREE!!!! If you buy this property before Canada Day.

Shows like a model!!!! Fully equipped photo studio. SUNshine Girls not included.


A dedicated horde of parking officers on King St. You can bloody well have ‘em for all we care.

Also: An oasis in the city!!! A jungle of ferns and small trees, some real, some suspiciously shiny.

Umpteen framed photos of Joe Carter celebrating his 1993 World Series-winning homer.

Stacks of old newspapers and any journos found slumbering therein.

Several dust-coated but collectible IBM typewriters. Museum quality.

I think I recognize John Downing’s pawprint on one of them.

Income potential!!!! You could house Kitchener in the basement.

Sorry, not included: Incidental bald columnists.

Or the Headless Argo photo. Already gave that away to a friend of the Headless Argo.

Or the fish tank in Paul Godfrey’s old office. It’s gone. Sprang a leak, a day before the kitchen served Seafood Chowder Surprise.

Or the best damn newspaper staff in the country.

This whole deal will take months, maybe years. Terms negotiable. We’ll rent back, or we’ll move out.

I wonder if the Eclipse Building is available.

Rare find!!!!

Stop looking!!! You’re home!!!! Move in!!!


Mysterion ( Toronto) May 18 & 19  Natrel Fearless Fun Zone, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (Other acts may be included)
Expect the unexpected from this mad doctor—demonstrations of the paranormal, such as telepathy with spectators, ESP tests, mind reading, and telekinesis to nerve wracking feats of mind over matter. Even the most skeptical are drawn into participating in a mind-blowing psychic experience. 

Harbourfront Centre 235 Queens Quay west
(Google map)


Ghostly Encounters On W

I stumbled upon another paranormal show on the Woman’s Network that’s called Ghostly Encounters.  It features people that have had experienced the metaphysical, telling their tale and the show somewhat depicting it.  It’s a good show, but I still love Discovery’s A Haunting better ( it’s back on at 10pm on Friday nights!!!).  For more information please click HERE

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