I am feeling a bit troubled lately.  I have encountered some negative energy from a couple of miserable-pathetic persons in mid October and it has really angered me.  Combine that with the strange presence from one of my Ouija boards on Halloween and you get me waking up every day since around 3am.

I am not one to easily forgive and forget so I end up holding on to the negative energy.  I handled it well at the time by taking their stupid dings and making a joke of it and  laughing it off.  Never let them see you upset!  They are non blood relatives so you have to be civil and respectful.  We have different backgrounds and I believe that it’s another reason for this animosity.  I wouldn’t want to trade with them because I’m very proud of my heritage and can understand why they are being so petty.  Also, people usually say things to knock people that are nice, happy and have things going for them.  I have always been kind to those people, but I want to so badly to tell them exactly what they should hear.  I am thinking about casting a Retribution spell, but I’m afraid that it might be a bit too dark for me.  I don’t want to entertain my dark side at all because I do fear it.  I am not a wicked person, but if you wrong me OMG, watch out!  I am a strong believer in an eye for an eye and what goes around comes around!  Karma is something that you shouldn’t interfere with and it’s another reason that I am not going to cast anything right now.  Why can’t people put aside their insecurities and not be assholes to people that have been nothing but nice to them.  We all have had that that friend that is so condescending and patronizing.  Someone who is not really your friend, puts in as many dings towards you and always leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.  Anyways, I’m going to resort to avoidance and have little contact with those people.  I have to remember not to get mad, but to instead get better!  Messed up people hate to see others doing well and that would certainly kill the negative energy with positive.  If that doesn’t work then I will either get some voodoo dolls or use that revenge curse lol

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