This past Halloween my sister in law and I decided to celebrate our birthdays though they were early in the month.  As Libras we are both sensitives and both very interested in the paranormal.  I have a small collection of Ouija boards so I decided that I would give her one.

It was a fun Ouija that glowed in the dark, both the board and planchette.  I have never found one off of Ebay before and consider it to be rare and special.  Ebay seems to be the only place where you can find them in a bit of an abundance.  Anyways, she loved it so much!  I got her a couple other more practical things, so I’m glad I balanced out everything with the funky ouija!  I am also going to get her something paranormal themed for her Christmas present.  I’m not going to say just in case she is reading this lol  The day I got the board out from storage I was preparing for our Halloween party and I even dressed up my little doggy.  I started taking pictures and captured an orb.  Because I had two of the boards out I’m not sure which one that was attached to.  I think it’s mine because a few days ago, while in the shower, I got such a fright.  My dog has even been looking at me weird as though there is someone beside me.  I know it’s not our apartment because it’s relatively new… only 6 years old.  No one else has ever lived here and I don’t feel like there was any tragic events.  Anyways, I haven’t heard of anything that has occurred on my sister in laws side, yet!

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