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Break On Through

I was at my favorite thrift shop Saturday and I found a vintage William Fuld Ouija Board from the 60s, or earlier!  Did I mention that it was only $1.99+tx Canadian!  The cover is dark with a just as dark druid like figure.  It was damaged too… all 4 corners were crushed and the right side of the cover looked to have something stuck to it because it is now exposed to the bear white now instead of the top picture.  I’m going to take pictures and probably sell it in the shop on here.  I found some more copies of Haunted Toronto too and those will also be up for sale shortly.  Each item sold will also include a single tarot card reading.  I will pull one card and ship the name of the card, not the actual card, with a brief description of what the card means.

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A few seconds before the miracle landing, I decided to put on the TV to a local NY station that I never watch.  The Ellen Show was on and then it was interrupted to bring us the awesome and incredible video live from the Hudson River, even before CNN!  I am thinking that this was no coincidence… my husband even asked me how I knew.  I told him that I didn’t know, but simply knew to turn on the TV to that exact spot????  One that thing I never felt was any fear or distress like I knew that it was not going to be tragic.  I am thinking that this thing that I have is not your typical intuition.  Things are coming in stronger for me now.  It is more than my sign as a Libra… it’s the location!  I am in the middle of several paranormal hot spots.  The Canada Malting Plant, the Gibraltar Lighthouse and the Bright Pearl in Chinatown.  I am channeling so much more energy now.  I am in a different state almost.  It’s like I’m me, but only more static like.  As a matter of fact, I am always getting static shocks!  I think I conduct a lot of energy, as well as receive it.  This is so interesting… I really wish I wasn’t so shy.  I would like to be tested to find out exactly.  I know we are all connected to something much bigger, so it’s not anything that is really out there.  I was at the Worlds Biggest Bookstore last night, off Yonge Street, and I saw a couple books about how man made up God.  I honestly think that there is a supreme being and there is always some truth to things.  I do believe that guardian angels were under those 1549 wings; however, the pilot had a lot to do with it too.  My 4 yr old niece is also clairvoyant, as well, and she told me something that really made me do a double take!  She showed me a picture that she drew of two apparitions, one significantly smaller than the other, and a circle with a spiral inner.  She told me that they were my guardian angels… my little dog and myself from the future.  It all makes sense now.

How Not To Die

I am not sure if you have ever seen the program Dr. G The Medical Examiner on Discovery Health, but if not, don’t worry because she has a new book out called How Not To Die.

Basically it’s all about life extension and death prevention! So many tragic deaths resulting in negative energy will be prevented resulting in less possessions and hauntings.  I don’t mind good spirits but I have felt the wrath of a dark force and it’s not nice at all, to say the least!

Please find the a YouTube video clip with Dr. Garavaglia on the Rachael Ray show below. Also, a terrific new invention that is said to be non-toxic!

I think another big killer is cancer! The thing that kills me is how people can smoke with all those toxins and risk! Well now there is the electronic cigarette that you can get online. The US FDA has deamed it free from cancer causing chemicals and it does not omit second hand smoke. For more info make sure you see the e-cigarette news and info.

I Knew What You Wanted For Christmas

So I was shopping for one my husband’s dear friends child’s gift at ToysrUs this past Christmas.  I told my husband that the child wanted a remote controlled helicopter, but he kind of ignored me and purchased something else that was a bit related.  When we met up with our friends they told us that their son had their heart set on a remote control helicopter.  Is it just me that is freaked out by this????!  I wasn’t trying at all!!!!!!!!!  It seems that I know things that don’t really benefit my life… I guess it’s good in a way, so that it’s more selfless and pure.  I heard that the next Super7 lotto was going to be at 15 million so I started to concentrate and I came up with 7 numbers.  I got a few right but did not even win a ticket.  Whyyyyy?  I heard that we are all connected to some sort of universal network and it would be nice to learn how to control my gift.  Anways, I guess I will never be 100% because I pick up energy mostly and I am still only human.

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