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Strange Dreams

You know, all I ever wanted is to be normal, but the more I think about it, the more I am glad that I am not.  Now that I understand and feel better about being a sensitive and my paranormal experience, I have decided to take the strange and try and make my dreams come true.  I have always wanted to be a horror writer like Stephen King or maybe a producer like George A Romero.

When You”re Strange

I remember when I was very little I used to purposely blur out things by staring into them for long periods of time until they would almost melt away and I would almost absorb it””s energy in.  In primary school I recall constantly signing out a pagan like story book and staying up late taking comfort in something familiar that was not the boring norm.  In grade 6 or 7 I teamed up with another girl who was also into the occult and we used to celebrate our energy and cast mild spells.  A few of the other girls took notice and dug up this wood and feather charm we buried and started making weird noises while shaking our sacred piece.  I am not unfamiliar to ridicule and that””s why I am currently anonymous, because I really can””t bare any more.  In this day and age I””m almost cripple from all the negative energy that is going on in the world today.. you know, the financial crisis caused by greed and the secret societies horrible intentions.  Well even when I was posting on Discovery””s A Haunting Forum some DICK even started cutting on the new Facebook group I created to help save my favorite show.  They asked if there was a group for canceling the show and that anyone that doesn””t want it canceled is out of their mind.  I was so mad I posted something back that was so nasty but I guess some of the words I used wouldn””t even generate my message so I put a much milder version asking that jerk if there was a group for people that seek attention and I also told that idiot that there is a large following for the show.  I””m so sick and tired of ignorant naive people that don””t believe there is something else out there.  I have a short fuse lately so it””s best not to F#CK with me now.  I””m very angry and it””s a reflection of what is happening in the world today.  I don””t want to resort to my dark side because like I said before I fear it very much.  Tell me what possessed me to conduct rituals as a child in the dark with candles and burning spiders????  It scares me that I did that and I regret it very much.  I””m all over the place lately and it””s so confusing.  I can””t do anything at all.  I feel overwhelmed.  I did, however, want more than anything to go to California.  I had a feeling that it was now or never.  Last night while listening to Alex Jones I found out that Cali is in great turmoil.  They are bankrupt… there are so many illegal aliens on the system it bled them dry.  There are boarder kidnappings going on and it””s become so unsafe.  I””m so angry… I want to scream and cry.  The only f#cking thing that I want right now is to get my mind off the evils of the world today and the only thing that does that is my favorite show A Haunting.

I need more new shows now because it’s been over a year and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back anytime soon.  I bet it has something to do with that Paranormal State show that isn’t even a millionth as good!  I would rather that go off the air than A Haunting.  A Haunting has the best paranormal reenactment documentary shows and it’s scary as hell too.

Join the group by clicking HERE or copy and paste this link into a new browser:

Ok this is driving me nuts because I am dying for more new episodes of the best paranormal show ever, A Haunting.  I was just on the official forum and someone said it ain’t going to happen????!!!!!  WTF! Ok I had to post and send Discovery an email pleaing with them to produce more episodes.  I’m not sure what more to do except beg you all to do the same… please, please, please!

To join the official forum please go to the following link:

To write Discovery to tell them how much you enjoy the show and would like a Season 5 and future episodes please go here:

If we can get it back on I will even do a show, if they want.

Thank you!

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