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Psychic Dinner In Seneca Falls, NY

I was watching the show Unwrapped on Food Network tonight and they featured dinner shows.  Among them was a psychic dinner segment.  In Seneca Falls The Gould Hotel located on 108 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY 13148 Tel: (315) 568-1282- is the home of the first Womens Rights Convention in 1848 and is the site of a weekly “Spirit Connection Show”. Hosted by owner Phil Jordan, a nationally acclaimed psychic and author. The Gould Hotel has regularly scheduled Dinner and Luncheon Shows including a Psychic Floor Show, reading the auras of those attending and predicting their future.  New York is very close to Toronto and it would be an interesting dinner lol

Well we were the first ones in line at the movie at the Beaches last night… we showed up more than 1/2 hr early to ensure that we would not only get in, but get good seats, as well.  First off, the movie did follow the typical Hollywood bastardization of true haunting stories, in order to follow the standard for classic haunted house films; however, they did update it for today’s audience with zombie-like entities trapped in the former funeral home.  The film does provide you with a scare factor, even though it’s only rated 14A.  I liked the characters and how the story flowed.  I do much prefer the television version of A Haunting, because the re-enactments, along with the narration of facts, in the series, certainly do amplify the scare effect, instead of quick jolts, here and there, with a lot of drama filler, like in the movie.  If you enjoy B Horror films then I would definitely go see the film.  If you are true to Discovery A Haunting, then you probably find it awkward, at the start.  I am both, so I was able to get into the movie… even the cheesy parts too lol  The movie was approx 2 hours long and not one person walked out, so it was not a bad movie.  I would rate this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.   I am going to pick up the book to get the full story, because I’m sure both the show and movie could not have provided all the facts and how much of it was fudged, right?  As a true horror buff, I know that you will probably never see horror film actors receive an oscar for these types of films, because they will always be typical B films, yet, I did jump off my seat several times, though.   I am going to buy the BluRay DVD when it comes out because the story was so very fascinating.

The Haunting Connecticut opens this weekend and right here in Toronto there are several movie houses premiering this very scary movie based on a true story.  There is also A Haunting Discovery Pilot based on the same Connecticut story and let me just assure you all that it is frightening.  It involves a former funeral home with a history and many experienced paranormal activity.  For Location & Times in Toronto and surrounding areas, please click HERE. For everywhere else I have the Haunting Connecticut Official Website that should surely offer you this information

Hollywood’s most terrifying houses

By Don Kaye, Special to MSN Movies

Hollywood’s most terrifying houses


Everyone knows that the housing market is in terrible shape these days, but what do you think your place would be worth if it were infested by ghosts or demons? The new movie “The Haunting in Connecticut,” based on an allegedly true story, might not get into the financial aspects of buying a haunted house, but it certainly does offer a warning to prospective buyers that they should always do thorough research.
Was your new home previously used as a funeral parlor, like the one in “The Haunting in Connecticut”? Is your deluxe suburban ranch built over an Indian burial ground, as it was in “Poltergeist”? Do the neighbors appear and disappear from your Brooklyn brownstone faster than cockroaches, as in “The Sentinel” (1977)? These are all signs that one should take a good, hard second look before signing on the dotted line. A history of scandal, murder and insanity (like those found in “The Haunting” or “The Shining”) is probably a red flag as well.
Stephen King himself wrote in “Danse Macabre,” his 1981 study of the horror genre, that the movie “The Amityville Horror” was a tale of “economic unease” dressed up as a ghost story, adding that he wondered not so much if the tortured Lutz family would get out alive, but whether they had “adequate homeowner’s insurance.” With the market in the dumps these days, it might be prudent to know that not every cheap property is available because of a desperate developer or a grim foreclosure. Click on the first thumbnail below for some deals that the occupants should have avoided.




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