Dictionary: eugenics ( y?-j?n?ks)

n. (used with a sing. verb)

The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.


I do not agree with eugenics… population control, one child policies, forced abortion and sterilization; however, I strongly do believe that people should be licensed in order to have children. You need a license to drive a car, but not to have kids?  People think it’s their right to have as many children as possible.  Those that are abusive, mentally ill, have no means to support a child, etc. have no business having kids!

The world would be a much better place if we knew what a privilege it is to have children.  You are responsible for a life and every thing you do has an effect on them, whether it be good, or bad.  I don’t think anyone should be permanently sterilized, but perhaps a temporary contraceptive device would be required until a person passes the child licensing process.

If people who are pregnant wish to terminate their pregnancy, I strongly disagree with that,  there should be another option!  We should be more advanced and cryogenics could save the fetus instead.  When a woman can not have children of her own naturally, an implant of the fetus in her womb, or a surrogate’s womb, instead.

This world is so primitive… we need more thinkers to shape our future instead of trying to significantly reduce the population of the human race!  Morals play a very important role in that.  People really can’t run things because we are faulty with our own human nature.  I wish that we had computers to rule us, instead of ourselves.  We are too corrupt.  Wait, I would actually shape things right.  I have a big heart, great ideas and I don’t care about money.

*** Update:  I was thinking about what Alex Jones has said about not having children because of the state of the world and he’s right.  I should not think like that and have kids when I’m ready no matter what.