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Devil Dream

Last night I had a very vivid and very troubling dream.  I was in the basement of the home I used to live in as a young child, I had my first paranormal experience in.  The one I had seances in with my brother and friends in the dark… the one where I would even burn spiders????!!!!  Stupid kid is a freakin understatement.  Anyways, I was in the basement and it was dark.  I had brought two men down in the basement with me and there to my left was the devil himself!  He was in fact a beast over 6f, with hooves, very muscular, reddish and with horns.  I was shocked even in my dream that I had delivered two souls to a being that I despise!  I will never work for such filth and I don’t believe that my dreams are things that I can’t change.  I did mention that I was afraid of my dark side and I believe that the darkness knows that I would be very valuable on their team.  I am here to state that without a doubt I would never go towards evil and negativity.  When I was young, I did not know any better.  I was merely picking up things that I was possibly persuaded to do… burning candles in the dark, sacrifice, spells… Maybe it was from church or the books in my grade school with the pagan themes.  Anyways, I know that we all have the power to change our future, no matter how set it may seem!

Peaceful Revolution For Evolution

We as a people must advance by peacefully resisting and revolting against greed and evil.  Currently earning a profit seem to out way people, health and technology today.  Sure, we have the fastest PCs, phones, video game units (monthly fee to run or expensive software to operate!); but the cure for terminal diseases and clean/cheap energy are still not yet available.  Seems like charities and green energy research are big business and any advancement would mean a stop to all the money coming in.

Morality is lacking in our society today.  How can we allow people to go hungry and loose their homes without a second thought?  There is a war going on this very second and it was based on a lie.  There were no weapons of mass destruction!  Stop the war machine and feed human kind.  It is not what we gain but what we achieve.

Clean energy and good health through a wholesome diet and exercise are foreign.  It all boils down to the almighty dollar.  We should instead value a good heart life.  Each person deserves more than food and shelter!  Some people do not even have that!  There is no reason for this.  We could all live like kings.  If we attempt this in phases, then it would be possible!  We all deserve to be happy and deserve all the pleasures in life!

I will think about this further.  Currently I am in the middle of a bit of a stressful time in my life.  It is difficult to pick up things when I am interrupted by the mundane and trivial matters of life.  It`s something so little that went wrong and blew up due to the lack of compassion and greed.  My apartment was damaged as a result of something outside my unit.  When we found out we contacted the building people, but were treated like a nuisance instead of people that were hit with an unfortunate event.  Not once did we receive an apology from anyone and instead were threatened with the bill!  I met the person in charge and picked up such a miserable soul.  I actually felt sorry for this person.  I don`t want to get into details, but just know that online reviews are the best way to handle those situations!  The power of the pen (keyboard) is mightier than the sword!

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