I had such a vivid dream the other night.  I am having more and more of them too.  So detailed, colorful, and intense.  It’s like I’m in another time and place.  The future, perhaps?  Not sure where.  Here, I guess?

Well the dream took place in Toronto and during the end of days.  Things were after the few of us left… running and trying to get away from these zombie like things.  I ran into a church and there were a group of children that were sitting quietly in the pews.  They turned around after I ran in and the look of terror in their eyes struck me.

I am thinking that this is a message from God to protect our children, maybe from what is to come in 2012 or 2013?  Whatever or whenever it was all I know is that we have to prevent it.  I hope never to actually live it.  I will stand up and speak out if that means a brighter and better future for all of mankind.  I am not afraid of those filthy bastards.  You can never kill energy, for it never dies, so let’s take this outside!  I will rather enjoy making things right.

What is happening now, in regards to the economy and man made viruses, are leading us towards end times.  How can people be so evil.  This crazy weather is a sign from God showing a tiny bit of his emotion towards it.  I know that if he is pushed he will show those cowardly-cannibal cockroaches who is boss!