Some say that we each have a specific purpose in life, and with that being said, writing this is mine.   I have held visions since I was a child, like puzzle pieces that I was given, not knowing what they meant, well… until now.

One person can make all the difference in the world, never feel that you are unable to go about to create positive change!  The corrupt system of today was set forth to try and control us, to make us feel like we are weak, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Each and everyone that holds pure intentions can move mountains.

Phase 1 – Protect The People

Immediate regulations should be set forth that would hold each and every human life precious and would, therefore, protect it to no end!  All the toxins in our food and water would be immediately BANNED and removed.

A board of people that warned us about that and other corruptions, including the New World Order and their evils, should be placed to review and monitor for these things on a global scale.  This would include all the worlds governments, monarchies, private groups and the corporations.  If they determine that a practice or product is immoral, and is not for the benefit of man, then it will be recommended that it should be eliminated.

The board will be known as the Watchmen, just like in the book & movie, because they are the worlds true heroes that will fight the evil villains in order to save us.  They will be allowed to exist, because the people would DEMAND IT, or a revolution would take place.

Members would include people like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Kevin Trudeau, Max Keiser,  and other obvious humanitarians.  They themselves would know who should be on board, they are people that I trust because they have proven themselves over and over again by making facts public that we are not supposed to know.  They would be the advisers to the people and the auditors of the institutions that only should be benefiting mankind.

The people can bring up any and all concerns to this board to review and what they determine, the people could change or eliminate it.  Today’s corruptions would be a thing of the past so then real law and order could prevail.

The Watchmen would WORK only for the people and only act to advise them on what is best morally and ethically.  The people could vote on matters via a website that can not be altered in any way.

If an individual has been deemed evil and immoral, by the group, then such a person would be cast out of our society until they can be rehabilitated, if possible.  The ghouls of the New World Order would not be welcome and would be shunned for being the evil cannibals that they are.  Prison would be the best option for these criminals and murders.  Again the people would vote on all of this.

No more would money be allowed to dictate the fate of man, rather ethics and morality would lead!  If the people don’t want a single board because they felt it would be too centralized, then there could be national boards that would branch out.  Whatever works to stop the evil, then it must be done.  The elimination of monetary over morals would be the main objective.

We should all be permitted to live like KINGS!  Anyone that tries to get in the way of that would be against the people and that would be deemed as tyranny and they would instantly be exposed by the board.

The war machine of today would not exist because the board would be able to see that it only benefits BIG BUSINESS. The man made diseases would be discovered, as well, and it would be stopped at once.  Big Pharma would not rule and could no longer trick people into taking their toxic vaccines.  Necessary vaccines would most likely contain ingredients that would not harm you in any way.

We need people to protect the people so the people of the world could have a fighting chance.  Too many unethical and immoral things are going on.  We need help as soon as possible before it’s too late.

I really wish the children could grow up in a society that actually cared about their well being.  Each and every human being should be valued, respected and provided safe & clean food, water and environment!