If you have heard of famous Amityville Horror, then you have probably heard of Lorraine Warren and her late husband, Ed. She and her husband have investigated many other haunting and demonic cases.

I have seen them featured on A Haunting and just Lorraine on Paranormal State numerous times.  I always enjoy when they are involved because I have always felt that they brought more than their expertise.

The Warrens believed in both scientific and spiritual aspects of the paranormal, as do I.  They not only investigated, but they wanted to help.  Their work for The New England Society for Psychic, that was founded in 1952, proved that.  There are books and movies documenting those accounts, all on Wiki, as well.

There is a Face book page dedicated to this event with all the exact information and details.  I am a big fan of hers so I might even be there too :)

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