What can I say about the recent news that Canada is spending an estimated 1.1 Billion dollars on G20 security.  The first thing that came to mind was all the interest that we will have to pay on top of that!  See, after watching the doc, “Oh Canada, Our Bought & Sold Out Land“, I realized how fk”d up Canada is too.

So we have The Bank Of Canada that could lend money to the government without any interest, but instead all that money is most likely coming from the private banks that charge interest.  How gross, right?!

I bet you never heard about the 75 Billion dollar bank bailout either!  Well, how else did we go into a deficit.  Are you surprised that you didn”t hear about it in the news?  Maybe it was because our gov”t was so concerned about us getting the nasty and deadly H1N1 *ROLLS*  Please!  How horrid and evil.  We Canadians do not want this garbage and we will find a good leader next election.  More and more people are awake to this bs!

Back to the G20…. It”s ridiculous that we have to even foot such a bill in the first place because with our technology there is no reason for our world leaders not to meet in person.  Ever heard of Skype!  No, I guess it must be the thrill of getting to travel all over the world, stay in the finest hotels and eat & drink like pigs.  Did I mention that it”s all on the backs of the taxpayer.

I honestly feel that we have to prevent this from happening again because it”s our responsibility to ensure that the future for the children does not have these kind of ghouls.  There must be laws against this punishable by the most maximum of penalties.

Greed and lusting for money at the expense of the people is just sick.  The people that are responsible for the masses who take advantage and allow people to starve and die while there is more than enough food and natural cures for everyone!

The time is near and I am not afraid.  You cockroach cannibals of the New World Order will go down and when you do you will burn for an eternity.  That is your fate and destiny.  I don”t even feel that God will forgive you for what you have done.  It”s just too disgusting!

Speaking of which the media is publishing the G20 expenses to get a rise out of people, possibly in order for there to be violence during the event.  Instead the people should not cave and allow those jerks to win.

We can beat them just by not buying their Icrap, voting in good people for government or running yourselves, eating healthy, spreading the word and finding the light.

I am going to write PM Harper again and maybe again!  We should not be afraid to speak out.  It is normal to be upset when you are violated!  A lot of people must be arrested, tried and most likely go to jail for their financial crimes.

We must stand together with our heads up because they are wrong and we are not.  We are not terrorists for not wanting to be ripped off!  We are not terrorists for being upset that our rights and freedoms are being taken from us.

The real criminals are the financial terrorists of the system, the ones that were made thanks to the pushovers that took the kickbacks and bribes, the ones that gave false AAA ratings to that garbage debt, the ones that lessened the regulations to allow companies to pollute and outsource, the ones that doctored data to show global warming when the earth was in fact cooling for over 15 years, the ones that go along with it even though they know it”s wrong!

Now they are so afraid they are spending over a billion in tax payer dollars to protect themselves and show us at the same time that they have all the power and could kill us if we spoke out.  SHAME!!!!

I deeply love my country, the world and it”s people so I will speak out against this kind of tyranny!  Speaking the truth to expose evil and corruption is GOOD!!!!  I have had visions since I was a child and I am not going to keep my mouth shut for fear that you will label me and people like me as bad.  We know the difference and we can prove it too!