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It has been said that in war, truth is the first casualty. Yet in the wake of the Toronto G20 summit, it is clear that truth is an unwelcome intruder within the realm of politics as well. Call it my inherent cynicism about politics or maybe put it down to my observation and experience, but the discussion and media coverage surrounding the G20 summit has been ignorant at best, or deliberately misleading at worst.

The facts are clear when the political spin is replaced by reasoned evaluation. The truth is that Dalton McGuinty arbitrarily suspended and abrogated our most sacred civil liberties — our freedoms and privacy — without discussion, debate or public awareness. The premier then justified this abuse of power by asserting that we needed law and order instead.

Instead of a choosing a more controlled and less populated location that would not be such a powerful magnet for the few juvenile anarchists, Stephen Harper agreed to host the G20 in a location that he had to have known would draw the greatest opposition and most violent response, therefore justifying an outrageous expenditure of public dollars and creating an army of police equipped with a siege mentality.

Both the provincial and federal governments now attempt to shirk responsibility for their actions by shifting blame to one another and to the police, who were acting under political orders. McGuinty refuses to apologize or call for an independent public inquiry. Harper hides behind the provincial jurisdiction of policing, even though it was his government that contracted their services on behalf of all Canadians.

They both use the common theme that upholding law and order required usurping our civil liberties. Any elementary school student knows these are not mutually exclusive — in fact, they are wholly interdependent. As numerous failed dictatorships have proven, you cannot have law and order without civil liberties.

Can you imagine a society of law and order that does not respect the inherent civil liberties and freedom of mobility, association and assembly? What is law and order if you can be arrested and detained arbitrarily without reasonable and probable grounds? This is what happened on a large scale in Toronto. Stalin and Mao most assuredly would have agreed with McGuinty’s vision and views, that due process and evidentiary rules are optional. But law and order without civil liberties is the hallmark of despotism and tyranny, and are the stock in trade of injustice and evil.

Although there have been times of national crisis when civil liberties have been suspended, it has only ever occurred after a full and thoughtful debate — never in secrecy. It has happened when our country has been at war and our way of life under real threat. It has happened when civil unrest in Quebec led to bombings and the kidnapping and murder of public leaders; however, it was debated and voted upon with the public’s full knowledge of the War Measures Act.

The G20 has resulted in the largest mass arrest in our history of more than 1,000 Canadian citizens. But according to McGuinty, this startling fact does not justify or merit an inquiry. Over 700 of these people were detained, their freedom removed, and eventually released without charge, but this does not warrant public scrutiny either. The largest ever mobilization of Canadian police in our history does not even deserve an open public review. More than $1 billion spent and we are supposed to be accepting and grateful.

Freedom is secondary only to the very life we breathe, freedom is the most essential ingredient of humanity — to deprive one of his freedom is to suffocate our soul and nature. This must never be done arbitrary and only in times of great crisis.

McGuinty and Harper set the stage, created the environment and controlled the unfolding of these events, and together they have lowered the threshold of protecting our civil liberties. No longer are our freedoms and liberties only in peril during times of war or a direct threat upon our democratic institutions. They are now in peril every day we have political leaders such as this.

God Save Us From The Queen

The queen is leaving Toronto today.  I wonder if she visited any homeless shelters or food banks during her stay.  I really doubt it since they are a result of fascist regimes and heartless elites.

I will go ahead and state the obvious here  It is because of those immoral-greedy ghouls that we the people are suffering now.  They are so evil, they actually think that they are going to convince masses of poor that it’s the middle class that are the ones that should pay!  Literally :S

This is absolute crap!  Our world leaders have the power to make our lives easier.  They have led us down the worst path because they are unfit and did not put us first.  Money and power is what drove them and not what is best for us and the world.

It is a crime against humanity to allow children to starve, allow the people to suffer and to live in poverty!  You are responsible for us and since you are doing nothing it just proves to me that you don’t care.  You can make laws to protect us and make things better.  You can give up your fortune and share.  Why are you allowing those cockroach elites to feed off of us!  The only thing I can think of is that you just don’t care.

I can see it in your eyes.  You don’t glow.  You are fake and cold.  I do not like how you just accepted your gift and instead of use it to benefit man you fed.  You will not see the light after your time is done if you don’t repent and make things right.

There are so many people here that have done nothing wrong and we have just as much right as you to live peacefully and with advantages.

Yesterday our hydro went out and our mayor more a less scolded us for using a/c.  It’s a freaking heat wave!  We have every right to stay cool and comfortable.  Hydro charges so much they should get their act together and supply us with better service and for a cheap rate too!  We have Niagara Falls and I really doubt there is any scarcity!  It’s just propaganda in order to pick our pockets more.

Ohhhh so you see how it works.  They create a problem and then the only solution is either to pay up or loose our civil rights and freedoms.  F#ck Off!!!  God is not pleased.  Things must change for the better because if not it’s end game for you too.

I will always be peaceful but I have the right to say what I want.  My parents didn’t come to this country because it was a picnic in the south of Italy!  No it was very hard there.  They wanted a better life for me and never wanted me to live in a police state, big brother, fear mongering country!

I pray to God that things get better for all of us, we should all live like kings and queens!!!

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