Aspartame / Aminosweet, fluoride in our water, preservatives in our food supply are said to be very bad for us and even cancer causing. Why does the government not remove all those toxins from our food and water instead of addressing excessive salt in our food? I agree that you should not use too much salt for health reasons, but I strongly feel that the toxins and preservatives need to be addressed before any of that because I feel they are more deadly.

Processed food seems to contain high amounts of salt but they also usually contain toxins and preservatives too. What about those? What about the pesticides that are sprayed on our fruit and vegetables? What about the garbage you are feeding livestock?

This is absolutely evil that this is allowed! Why? Well to keep the population down is one theory… more deaths and less fertile people. Another theory is to keep big pharma sick with money.

I noticed billboards in Toronto lately suggesting that we have our colons checked. A lot of people swear that the chemo and radiation kill more people than the cancers they suffer from???!!! A man from Nova Scotia used hemp oil to cure his cancer! He did not kill any of his healthy cells in doing so unlike the chemo and radiation.  Susan Somers even stated that in regards to Patrick Swasey that the chemo poisoned and killed him :(

I am not a doctor but I do believe that we have the right to the truth. If our tap water is harmful due to fluoride and other chemicals then why in Gods name should we drink it. I am lucky because it is in my culture not to drink the tap water. In Italy we only drank spring or bottled water. However, bathing in that water allows those things in.

Then there is the food. I used to drink diet coke and chew sugarless gum. I haven”t in over 5 years now because I found out how HORRIBLE it was. I try to only eat organic foods. I rarely eat processed. It”s not enough, though.

Our government should ban those horrible chemicals asap because if they don”t every person that didn”t do it will pay a lifetime of grief after their judgment day! You can not just go along with it and think you are clean.  Think of all the people that are suffering and even dieing.  That dark, negative energy will drag you down, just like in the movie Ghost!

Who ever allowed these things in Canada and the rest of the world will surely burn in hell for an eternity. I doubt there is forgiveness for those ghouls.