Come on! This green bs is not a real excuse to do this to the people of Ontario! Even the father of the weather channel exposed that this climate gate is a hoax and wants to sue Al Gore. Our Ontario Premier jumped on the green bandwagon WITHOUT any PROOF that there is a problem.

Why can”t we FIRE horrid politicians and pursue legal action! This is beyond ridiculous! They work for us and must have the best interest of the people and not corporations!

We can have CHEAP and CLEAN energy! We could have had electric cars over 10 years ago. The Canadian ZENN electric car is NOT available for sale in Canada! We could power a city on a glass of water but that would not be good for the oil companies.

Please check out the section “Climate-Gate” on this blog (on the right side) and research this for yourself. I am on the side of the light and not of the DEVIL and I expect our Canadian Government to do the same.

Each and every deal that the Canadian politicians make, should only benefit the Canadian people! A friend of mine from Russia was shocked at how poor Canadians are because he explained that Canada is full of NATURAL RESOURCES! Those are OURS, the assets of the Canadian people and not the corporations!

The negative effects of these back door deals will come back to haunt those responsible spiritually. There is something else after we die. You will be judged! REPENT NOW BEFORE IT”S TOO LATE AND CHANGE YOUR WAYS. REVERSE THESE DEVILISH DEALS THAT WILL ONLY BENEFIT YOU IN THE SHORT TERM.

There are only two ways, the good way or the evil way. Anything immoral is not acceptable and should not be allowed. Think of your children and your future generations. They will not be able to even afford food, let alone hydro!

Going along with whatever the US does is IMMORAL! Allowing neurotoxins in our gasoline, as revealed in United we fall, located at the top left tab labeled, “Truther Sites Fighting Evil”. Everyone knows that something is really wrong and they are really waking up now.

My solutions are to get rid of the smart meter rates to one low rate, cancel the Samsung deal, remove the HST tax, stop the debt retirement fee and fund cheap & clean energy. Those are the right things to do!

I feel that the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP party were too quick to jump on the Green bandwagon so I don”t trust them now. Tim Hudak seems promising by acknowledging all the wrongs the current Premier has done, but he”s not telling us what he”s going to do. I have no idea who to vote for next October!

If things don”t get better I think we Canadians should band together and go to a court of law. Not only are we being ripped off but there are claims that we are being secretly poisoned. Google fluoride and aspartame! I want this looked into! Who the hell is running the governments of the world? Nazis? This is pure evil!