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To sum things up, I agree 100% with our honorable Ontario Ombudsman, Andre Martin! Shame on Blair, McGuinty and the others involved! I honestly feel that they should be removed from their current positions immediately.

Bravo to Dan Dicks and the other heroes of that were involved in the creation of this video. The only way we can stop the ghouls of the New World Order is to expose them like a bright shiny light on a bunch of cockroaches!  Once you spot them it is only a matter of time before they are removed.  The truth is the only way to show that there is a problem and then that will lead to their final destruction simply by using peaceful means. Please share this video with everyone you know.

Alex Jones always recommends to always share videos and documentaries about the New World Order because it is a professional way of providing valid information to the public. I have stopped trying to explain long ago because you do sound kind of crazy and first impressions are lasting, so you don’t want to close them to it. I always recommend people watch End Game by Alex Jones of or United We Fall by Dan Dicks of - Those two films are the basis of exposing the New World Order to people that have no idea about it or have no clue but know something is wrong. Both stream free on YouTube but I recommend that you go on the site and purchase a high quality DVD copy in order to support the film makers so they can continue making excellent documentaries.

When I was asleep, I honestly though that our world leaders had no clue, but that was not true. Playing stupid is smart for the NWO agenda. Time to wake up as many people as possible so that they are unable to push their evil nazi crap through!

God Bless +
Anna Sophia

People concerned about their rights as well as exposure of radiation.
I watched the Dr. Oz show yesterday and he stated that he was actually CONCERNED about all the radiation that we are being exposed to. He explained that x-rays are concentrated to a small point that go through the body to show what is going on inside and body scanners are scattered down all around you on the outside of the body. He said that he was concerned about that because of the sensitive areas like the eyes, skin and I believe the head are exposed. He went on to say that radiation does cause cancer.  He also stated that we should not be exposed to radiation when we do not have to be, that he doesn’t want to hold up lines and he actually seemed like he wanted to say that he would opt out.

He even had 2 expert doctors on. Deputy chief health care officer for homeland security who oversees airport security and a radiologist and spokesperson for the NA radiological society. He asked them if it was safe, they swore up and down it was.

He said that he is not a radiation expert but knows the ill effects of radiation and feels that there is usually more radiation that is what claimed. I was very surprised! It was great! Dr. Oz recommended that his audience consider the following, but he also stated that America was still a free country and that people can do what they want (love how he said that!)… he suggested that people that are over the age of 65, children 12 and under, cancer survivors and pregnant women should NOT take the scan.

Then the expert from homeland security claimed that you can get 1000 scans a year and that you get more radiation from a flight?  They started to stumble a bit when they said that because of last year (no)… last Christmas, it is all about safety and security. I wanted to throw up!  I heard the lawyer witness on Alex Jones, Kurt Haskell, shortly after claim that on that flight state that he witnessed a sharp dressed man escorted the underwear bomber on the plane without a passport.  What the heck is that about!!!!

Anyways, here are the clips to the Dr. Oz show:

Dr. Oz Dangers Of Radiation Exposure Part 1 Re: Body Scanners

Dr. Oz Dangers Of Radiation Exposure Part 2 Re: Body Scanners

Dr. Oz Dangers Of Radiation Exposure Part 3 Re: Body Scanners

Dr. Oz Dangers Of Radiation Exposure Part 4 Re: Body Scanners

Revelation As A Sensitive Re: The Paranormal

OMNI Book - The Paranormal and the Mind

I have a Facebook account and one of my friends posted something about the paranormal so I posted something on his link. It is as follows:

I am reading a vintage copy of OMNI – Paranormal and the Mind. Very interesting. It helps me to somewhat understand that extraordinary things are not abnormal because they are actually more normal than we think. I still get a bit shaky & confused thinking about the paranormal things that I have experienced myself. As a sensitive I am more apt to pick things up but it is still mind blowing, especially when I look back. I have to blog about it to try and help me to better understand. What I have concluded is that it is what it is, and there is no explaining it now. I just have a gift that gives me a bit more information. We do not have enough because there are many more layers of consciousness to experience. I think that this life is only one of many layers that we must evolve to. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go, we can not even contemplate it, because it is so far and it is too mind blowing. Baby steps from one life to the next lol Mentally marinating to become super beings, perhaps?


The book is based on scientific studies in the for of essays on the unexplained from UFOs, to hypnosis, to psychic abilities, to the shroud of Tourin, etc. I am really enjoying this book! So glad I found it :D
It is out of print but you can easily pick up a copy online via Ebay or Amazon.

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