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Alex Jones is selfless and only speaks the truth - He is the light and anyone that would oppose him is either evil or ignorant - and if you wish to listen to Mr. Jone's radio show or if you wish to order his docs.  They also stream free on YouTube with his permission

Alex Jones is without a doubt one of the most passionate-genuine geniuses of our time. He is a modern day prophet that only speaks the truth for the side of goodness and the light.  His compelling and informative documentaries, websites, radio program and nightly news warn of the evils that are going on in the shadows of the world today. He also exposes the historic roots of the demon beast with mere facts, purity and passion. His peaceful movement is fueled on morality and justice. His motive is simply to provide the innocent and the future generations with a positive and pure world.  I have always been a big believer that we should all live like kings and if we follow his light, we will.

It was Mr. Jones that brought light to many regarding the New World Order, their plans of a one world government, population reduction and a future prison world. He provides us with facts about this and other concerning things that are suppressed by mainstream media and Mr. Jones simply derives this information from the elites own documents.

His film End Game was so shocking to me but I feel that it needed to be seen in order to recognize the abominations that were committed, and plans for more to come, including a prison planet like future. From also listening to his daily internet radio broadcast, except on Saturdays, via, I learned that they would do this through a green movement to make a world even worse than George Orwell’s 1984. Because of this information I have contacted the Prime Minister and even posted the open letter on this site.

Thanks to Mr. Jones I also became aware of the dangers of vaccines and how propaganda is often used to panic people, into taking things before they research it for themselves, in order to line the pockets of big pharma. I researched the H1N1 vaccine during the swine flu fear blitz and I declined the shot because I determined for myself that it was too risky for such a mild threat.

Mr. Jones has already bettered the future of mankind with his selfless dedication and truth by spreading the word of truth and light.

I have mentioned before that I had felt the heavy negative energy break and have sensed more positive energy in the world today.  I am rarely wrong so I feel very good.  I am extremely impressed by him because he was able to do this all peacefully and professionally!

This all has come without sacrifice to Mr. Jones and his family, he is constantly monitored and harassed.  Even his poor wife has received threatening phone calls all because those evil cowards want to shut him up.  They know that they can not kill him because the fact of his divinity will be apparent to the masses.  Just like in the past our savior and lord, Jesus Christ, who is the most famous man of all time and that was also probably due to his crucifixion.

I can go on and on about Mr. Jones and his truth apostles, their dedication and the excellent information they provide us, but I strongly feel that you should consider discovering it for yourself by going to his websites or

We his followers are having quite the impact also.  We are peacefully forcing our political leaders and mainstream media to deal with the evils… fluoride in drinking water, eugenics, body radiation scanners, climate-gate, BPA, aspartame, HARP, cover ups, 9/11, etc.  By sharing facts, taking legal action and resisting we are  having great positive results so please don’t think that you can’t make any good difference because you can!  God Bless +

Rick Simpson, a man from Nova Scotia, made a documentary, Running From The Cure about his miracle cure for cancer, natural hemp oil, and how he was shut down because of it??!!!

Man should not be afraid of positive change for fear of lost profits.  Perhaps we are supposed to evolve towards a cashless society.  Allowing people to suffer and die for mere financial gain is absolutely DISGUSTING!

With that said I would like to strongly recommend that you consider viewing two documentaries regarding alternative vs. conventional cancer treatments.  Healing Cancer From the Inside Out and CANCER – Dr. Burzynski

After watching these films I personally will NEVER go along for conventional radiation or chemo treatments if I ever develop cancer!  First off I will personally ensure that my diet is mostly healthy and pure in order to prevent it.  I am not a medical doctor but I certainly am not an idiot!  I can recognize an ineffective treatment when I see one.  SHAME!!!!!  It is extremely EVIL that we are not fully informed about these things, especially when facing CANCER.

Please consider consulting your doctor because they are privileged to your exact medical information. I can only state what I would do and everyone is different but I feel that we should all be offered all the information before we make serious decisions about our life and health. My husband and I both found it strange how useless sports figures have stats but there are none for doctors. The next time you are in your doctors office and they are trying to push conventional treatments on you, you should ask them what their cure rate is. Cure meaning people that are still alive now and not in just a 5 year span!

The concern over rising populations is an overreaction, procreation regulations will ease that.  People must be licensed prior to having children and several factors need to be reviewed.  Mental, physical and financial aspects of an individual would be looked at.

There is no need to allow people to suffer and die.  This reminds me of Nazi gas chambers.  The poor people were tricked into believing that they were taking a shower when in reality they were going to be poisoned.  How could we allow this EVIL!!!!!

It is obvious that Dr. Burzynski has something there and it should be offered to EACH AND EVERY person suffering with CANCER.  Why in God’s name would anyone go along with suppressing something that may benefit mankind.

It is time to step back and allow progression!  Profits should not determine our advancement.  FORGET MONEY!!!!!  This is about right and wrong… good and evil!!!  We must do what is moral and right.  There is enough room for everyone and with better regulations we will be able to grow at a controllable rate.

Thanks everyone who took the time to read this.  I hope this information will better your life, or the life of someone you know that is facing cancer.  God Bless+

Please refer to the 3 documentary trailers below that will offer a glimpse into what each consists of.  I am surprised that the mainstream does not offer this information to us.  We will have to inform all our friends and family in order for them to make an informed decision!  I am so very lucky to have found this because my family and friends know.  Please consider sharing this light and forcing the mainstream to tell the truth about other cancer treatments!

The Secret by Alex Jones. It is a mini doc regarding what may be in our food and water. It is a real eye opener and I changed my diet further because of it.

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