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I Googled “Toronto Paranormal” news and came across an interesting article that is searching for people that have a ghost or ghosts.  I really hope they get some calls, especially from the GTA, because I am always up for ghost stories.  The actual article is just below:


A Toronto production company wants to know if you have a ghost, seriously! Big Coat Productions is producing an original series that they believe will leave audiences wondering who or what they share their homes with. One local family in Webbwood will be featured on the series, and while the crew is here, they want to know if anyone has an interesting story to share with the television public.
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Anyone that holds any type of power; be it political, religious or any position that has any sort of real influence on the world, MUST be put under total SURVEILLANCE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Why? This is due to the extreme pressure from elite that causes a shadow government that influences for mere profit for themselves… the 1% of the world’s population. If we were able to protect our world leaders from them then we would see a drastic change, a good change. It’s simple, no lobbying of any kind would be tolerated, let the free markets decide… let the people decide.  No pressure from the greedy elite to lower or eliminate regulations, as well.  We have seen the ill effects of that already, the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan and the Guelph oil spill.

Harper & Obama both seemed like really good people with great intentions before while campaigning, but when elected it seemed as though they were changed, as if they were sucked into the 70s horror film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  I do understand that they may not have been completely innocent, though.  Harper is said to like globalism and Obama was said to have been bread to run the country for Wall Street and the elite.  Regardless, monitoring leaders would also deter people from running with ulterior  motives.  You know those that are true would understand and appreciate the measures that the people took to ensure that they could run their country freely to prosper without being harassed by the evil and immoral people of the world.

Humans Aren’t Evil, Greedy Humans Are

Greed has no race, it has no religion and it only requires a weak host.  It’s almost as though a person is possessed because they are such a bitch for money.  They are so pathetic they end up taking advantage of the vulnerable, lie, go to war over phony reasons, cut corners to save money or what ever ill they need to do for mere monetary gain!  We have all seen the devastating destruction that they have already caused people and to our earth!  The Guelph coast oil spill and now the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan.  It is pretty much that they become so unethical that they achieve demonic evil.  Remember that greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

Some use religion as an excuse to do such filthy things but just know that God does not condone it and will not pardon them, I can 100% guarantee that.  I think they need some sort of intervention because they are so addicted to things that are not really important that they seem they know not what they do.  I like how Michael Rivero of calls them money addicts and he is absolutely correct.  Instead of progressing for the good of all mankind these evil ghouls are only concerned for themselves.  This is very evil and very wrong yet they persist as if they love the evil and satan.  Well he will rape them over and over again and there will be nothing  that they can do to stop him if they continue their lust.

I just finished reading In A Dark Place by Ray Garton the true story.  It’s an out of print book but I managed to score a copy off of Amazon.  It’s also know as the Haunting Connecticut that was featured on Discovery A Haunting.  A story of a family living in a rental that used to be a funeral home.  The evil was not because of the funeral home, though.  It was about what happened there and it was from WEAKNESS!  Weakness like of those who are lusting for money and power.  Absolute evil only consumes them into darkness and negative energy.  They will lose and it will defecate their soul into nothingness until they are purged, if ever.  They say time heals all wounds, however, it may take an eternity or more for some.

Webster Griffen Tarpley, yet another hero of mine, of exposes the money hungry demons that MURDER THE INNOCENT in the name of all that is unholy.  More and more see them and the darkness they represent, even though they try to package it with LIES!  I am telling so many key people here in Toronto!  So many more know of their  DEMONIC GAME!!!  They are said not to be in Libya to help anyone  and it’s such a shame that they have not been struck down by God himself.  I will never understand why God allows such heathens free will.  If it were me I would have sucked them down to hell long ago.  Karma needs to come for those bastards right away!!!  Please Lord, intervene.  We need you.  I just don’t understand how you allow these satanic beasts such freedoms that only seem to be causing such evil.  I know that in order for us to stop them we need to know about it and more and more are aware so I do have hope!  It’s so strange how I know things that other key people are saying… it’s like there is a global message to those that are enlightened.  Just like that footprints in the sand prayer, you are carrying us during this difficult time.

Alex Jones of had a very interesting show on Friday with guest Sean Stone, a director and son of Oliver Stone.  They were discussing demons and the New World Order.  A must listen.  I know that it repeats all weekend until Saturday 4pm.  You can download the pod cast if you sign up for or it may be up on YouTube.   One thing from that show really haunts me and it was about Gadhafi… how they found a satanic book in his home.  Then they got into videos of Jinn, something about shadows and demons.  So scary!  I’m so glad that I have morals, ethics and care about my fellow man.  Only those that are like me will gain the most riches for an eternity!

I always wondered why a genie (jinni) was on the front of my vintage Canadian Clark Company Ouija board,  circa 1950, which I found right here in Toronto.

jinni (j?n?`), feminine jinniyah (j?n?yä`), plural jinn (j?n), in Arabic and Islamic folklore, spirit or demon endowed with supernatural power. In ancient belief the jinn were associated with the destructive forces of nature. In Islamic tradition they were corporeal spirits similar to men in appearance but having certain supernatural powers, especially those of changing in size and shape. Capable of both good and evil, the jinn were popular in literatures of the Middle East, notably in the stories of the Thousand and One Nights. The term genie is the English form and is sometimes confused with the Roman genius.

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia® Copyright © 2007, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

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