I saw the 2010 movie Devil last weekend.  I was curious as to why the “devil” would show up in an elevator?   I mean the powerful and famous beast wouldn’t waste his or her time unless it was important.

I found this movie to be better than expected.  I liked how the stories of each character came together.  I also better understand that sometimes we need evil to control evil.  It sounds crazy but you need to watch the movie to understand what I’m talking about.  All I will say is we all must pay for our sins.

This movie is especially for the greedy that feed on evil to gain money and power with no regard for their fellow man.  If we need the devil to take care of them then so be it.  I get it now.  I know that there can’t be good without evil.  Positive and negative.  HOWEVER, we must remember that in order to have the perfect balance we must not feed our dark side and never take advantage or harm the innocent.

Humans aren’t evil, greedy humans are.  It’s because of the greedy we are so primitive today.  We would be far more advanced if we were allowed to progress instead of being held back by financial vampires.

I have faith in the natural order.  I know that those that have the power to end hunger and suffering, but don’t, will see the devil and it won’t be to share a drink, either.  You see the more evil you are, the more the devil will imprison your soul until it is purged.  Is it possible to clean the filthiest of souls?  Time heals all wounds.  Will they repent before this happens and help their fellow man.  You see we are all connected.  If you hurt one person, you are really hurting yourself.

I am going to take some time off to think about things.  I have written some notes about the laws of the natural order.  I think it’s very important and the world needs to establish some sort of balance by being positive and good.

**** I just want to add that I figure the so called devil really is a servant of God.  If people do horrible things because they feel that the darkness and evil are more powerful then they are terrible wrong.  I know without a doubt that God who is the light is the all powerful master.  We should only serve God peacefully and with a pure heart.