To dream in color is fantastic, I have been for a while now,  since I was a child.  It’s not a regular occurrence, but  a frequent thing. When I do, it’s as though I am receiving a message from a divine spirit, perhaps God? I hope it is God. I know it sounds strange, however, I have always known that they are important and not like your average dream.

The day I was experiencing a vivid altered state of conscience. I guess I became aware of it when I saw it… the green snake protruding from my left breast! Right through my nipple?! It was shocking!!! I grabbed it and pulled it out. I immediately threw it in the bathtub and tried to compose myself. Almost instantly I knew that I could not kill it. It was a part of me. I found it a new home that was similar to my breast. I then went on with my life, not my real life, but one that seemed like a parallel dimension, very similar to sliders.   One of the best shows ever by the way.  Anyways, back to my dream.  It was me, but not me, and it was definitely not my life. I was a minimum wage worker that worked in the Eaton’s Centre at a pizza place. I decided to not to work there anymore and I recall my boss giving me a few choice words.

How do I relate this to my life? Well I feel that the snake is my demon or demons. I have overcome them. I believe that it is so minuscule, like a bad habit that I am getting over, similar to nail biting that stemmed deeper from a childhood trauma. I know that it will always be a part of me so that’s why I could not kill it. This will make me stronger and strive for better things, just like in my vision.
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