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Like Shooting Fish In Barrel…

I just want to write a little blurb about how cowardly and weak those cockroach ghouls must be to hurt defenseless and unaware people that are purposely kept in the dark to their draconian world they are creating in the shadows.  I mean what’s the point of doing it like that?  It’s exactly like shooting someone in the back!  There is no way that those evil sub creatures will actually win because it defies the natural order. So many have been hurt or even killed because of their lies and deception. I am just here to say that more and more people know the truth, you know, the stuff that Alex Jones talks about on his daily internet radio show on and his nightly news cast on   I don’t know about you but 1% of the world’s population should not dictate how the rest of us 99% should live or shouldn’t live.  It’s just plain out of balance!!!

Stop the BS Train! Image by Jeff Cover via Blogspot

Here is my solution to Toronto”s financial problems, over an estimated $3 Billion dollar total debt, with compounded interest, per Ford himself during his mayoral campaign.   At first I thought that Toronto needed a diet but after careful consideration I decided that it”s more like an intervention for the people at city hall.  Their spending has gotten out of control and now they are starting to drink the gravy down there instead of stop it!  We must treat the 2012 budget shortfall like an out of control  junkie and quit enabling it. Toronto civil servants need to get off the gravy and get back to reality. There should not be any increases to property taxes, no cuts to essential services, no to selling of our assets without the tax payers okay, no to toll roads, end the Toronto land transfer fees and no to out of control spending at city hall. We must freeze all the perks aka gravy, including the ones for city hall workers and cut their pay by 10% until the debt and shortfall are paid in full.  When Toronto is back in black then we can see what we can afford!  See, simple! If special interest groups want a hand out then they should look to private donations and stop putting it on the backs of the working poor and middle class. Rob Ford”s platform assured us that he would respect us, not raise taxes and stop the gravy train at city hall.  Now there is talk of a 30-35% property tax increase and cuts to our services?  I can”t help but feel that this is some sort of scare tactic!  He should have never cut the $60 vehicle tax and freeze current property tax increases until after a good solution to stopping the “gravy train” at city hall!  Now it seems like a manufactured crises to get even more tax hikes from the Toronto tax payers! When I was watching the budget talks live via internet feed at city hall this week, I found out that the $774 million shortfall number was just an estimate?! They said it could only be $300 – 700 million?!  I say get your facts straight and handle it on the end of the ones that dropped the ball, specifically city hall civil servants. It”s like giving an unemployed student a credit card and then they max it out.  The student will end up with bad credit in the long run and having to pay off the debt plus compounded interest.  Does the student expect others to pay his or her debt for them.. their parents?  A good parent won”t and we shouldn”t have to bail out irresponsible Toronto city hall civil servants either.  Our politicians should not try to burden the tax payer any longer because they are only going to end up driving us out of house and home.  The people that live paycheck to paycheck, seniors, etc. deserve to continue to live in their homes.  If our pensions and our pays don”t go up to match inflation, especially by 35%, then they should not raise taxes at all, but instead cut taxes! It is proven that when taxes are cut, spending is up, and prosperity is on the rise!  Property taxes are a form of rent and you can”t raise rent by more than .7% each year.  I heard that property taxes were only supposed to be a temporary thing after the war via Alex Jones, yet here we are still paying them?!  I feel that a joint suit would be best if our civil servants are foolish enough to try to do that.

The Natural Order Reflex Reaction

Enough people know the truth and good change is coming.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion.  So much evil and negative energy has occurred at the hands of the greedy pigs and now it’s our move.  I have an overwhelming feeling of positive energy.  I see an inverted pyramid which should be our symbol, the symbol of the light.  Make it with your hands as you smile knowing and trusting that we will peacefully conquer the evil ones with pure hearts and solid truths.  No more will we trust the talking heads from the glowing box because we are not your zombies.

We shall not be afraid of your putrid propaganda that was only used to control us like hungry sheep.   You are not gods and your souls are in peril.  Starving children in order to take their pictures for money is beyond disgusting.  Sell your jewels, mansions and private jets to help.  Give your billions to those that need it.

The devil works for GOD and he is not impressed.  His job is to cure you from yourselves and it will be a very harsh road if you do not change your ways.  Please join us, you are welcome.  Do not turn your back on humanity.

The symbol of our freedom should be an inverted pyramid – 100% of the people on top of established rules set forth to protect us and our human rights along with a solid foundation of technology and information.

You are not better than anyone else.  We are not a virus.  This offer is fading fore the window is closing.  You can not beg for forgiveness on your death beds, this is not how it works.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we worked together for a greater good and strive to be the best.

The inverted pyramid symbol reminds me of my time in Paris at the Louvre, hence the photograph of the inverted pyramid at the Louvre.

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