Enough people know the truth and good change is coming.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion.  So much evil and negative energy has occurred at the hands of the greedy pigs and now it’s our move.  I have an overwhelming feeling of positive energy.  I see an inverted pyramid which should be our symbol, the symbol of the light.  Make it with your hands as you smile knowing and trusting that we will peacefully conquer the evil ones with pure hearts and solid truths.  No more will we trust the talking heads from the glowing box because we are not your zombies.

We shall not be afraid of your putrid propaganda that was only used to control us like hungry sheep.   You are not gods and your souls are in peril.  Starving children in order to take their pictures for money is beyond disgusting.  Sell your jewels, mansions and private jets to help.  Give your billions to those that need it.

The devil works for GOD and he is not impressed.  His job is to cure you from yourselves and it will be a very harsh road if you do not change your ways.  Please join us, you are welcome.  Do not turn your back on humanity.

The symbol of our freedom should be an inverted pyramid – 100% of the people on top of established rules set forth to protect us and our human rights along with a solid foundation of technology and information.

You are not better than anyone else.  We are not a virus.  This offer is fading fore the window is closing.  You can not beg for forgiveness on your death beds, this is not how it works.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we worked together for a greater good and strive to be the best.

The inverted pyramid symbol reminds me of my time in Paris at the Louvre, hence the photograph of the inverted pyramid at the Louvre.

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