I support any peaceful movement that is for a fair system based on sound money practices and free market, run by honest people with morals that bring in strict laws protecting the people from the greedy *”money junkies” and crooks.  *Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com always uses that expression for describing the 1% and it’s so perfectly true!

It’s all so simple, really.  There is no need to get wrapped up in confusing and unnecessary terminology to find a solution to this horrid global financial mess.  Our problem is that there are not enough good laws, only laws that seem to benefit the 1%.  If we had tough legislation and regulations to protect the 99% I feel that we would not see the world in so much economic trouble.  Even our beautiful Ontario in so much debt and peril, approximately $300 BILLION dollars plus compounded interest was last years total!

The truth is that there are no laws to protect us from boot licking puppet wannabe globalists and currently our only solution is to vote those destructive politicians out??!!! That’s not enough and we should all peacefully demand new laws right away from our civil servants to be able to fire those puppets right away then be able to investigate them, charge them if they are found guilty and jail them.  They are here to work for us to make out lives better.  What has been allowed to happen is beyond destructive and evil.

What I personally did about it was write PM Harper and requested new legislation.  No word back from him, as of yet.  I would love it if others would contact him peacefully and calmly too.  You can call, write or email him.  He even has a Facebook page.  My brother always told me that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.  Let’s start standing up and speaking out peacefully and demanding new laws that will protect us from the greedy and the scammers immediately.

I was on the livestream chats for occupytoronto and occupywallstreet and I found that there was a lot of censoring going on.  I saw people told not to speak about certain things?  I found that to be a real infringement upon our freedom of speech.  No one was swearing or making threats at all so there was no need in my opinion to do that.  Alex Jones said that this occupy movement was started by the system to control it?  I know a lot of good people are a part of it so I am sure that they will try and make it a good thing for the 99%.

To the 1%, you are not gods.  You are a part of something bigger, we are like a puzzle piece, connecting together so not one is better than the other.  It is very important that you stop trying to force the world to go the way you want and just let go and see where we end up.  Trying to influence only defies the natural order.  Let mankind advance into a superior race.  One that does not have a need for war, greed, suffering and artificial bastardization, as in GMOs, non natural treatments and processed foods.  Let us go back to nature and simple ways while harnessing technology to work for us.  No more propaganda to control the unaware masses in order to direct them to want what you want?!  Localization of industry, food and politics is what I agree with also.  This new world order is obsolete  because it is not democratic at all and only seems to hurt the majority of people.  The force that combines us wants us to shed our skins and leave that behind to prosper together as the 100%.  What are you so afraid of?  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we were allowed to be what we were meant to be.

100% On Top <3I love this picture.  I believe that I found it on the Alex Jones Facebook group.  Humans are amazing and deserve a life filled with opportunities instead of obstacles.