Hulk Gravy is probably really good but it does look toxic. I bet it's way better for you than chemical fluoride!

After careful and extensive review of the water fluoridation process, I would like to publicly take a stand against it.  I say get it out of city water immediately and the following will explain as to why.

Mike Adams of has discussed water fluoridation in great detail on his website, and on with Alex Jones.   He even created an amazing documentary called “The Fluoride Deception”. The documentary is only 12 minutes long approximately, but the information is massive and very important. The doc stated that the facts in the doc pertain to most cities that use water fluoridation. The fluoride put in our city drinking water is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride. The chemicals they call fluoride that are forced in our city drinking water are said to be the result of factory waste?! There is no prescription and no set dosage for what is said to be ” mass medication”.  It is also said that there are no proven benefits to water fluoridation, only ill side effects like cancer, brain damage, bone damage, kidney damage, thyroid damage, etc.?!  Fluoride is said to build and accumulate in our bones and University of Toronto conducted a study on fluoride . “Fluoridation is no longer effective,” said Hardy Limeback, head of the University of Toronto’s preventive dentistry program. Considering all the dangerous effects of fluoride consumption, in fact, he concluded that fluoridation is “more harmful than beneficial.”.   Quoted from a Nov. 15, 2011 letter by Dr. Hardy Limeback, professor and head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto.

The letter also read, in part, that Limeback has “personally conducted years of funded research at the University of Toronto on the topic of fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) and bone effects of fluoride intake. A bone study, for which we received national funding, comparing hip bones of people who live in Toronto (fluoridated since 1963) to the bones of people from Montreal (Montreal has never been fluoridated) suggests disturbing negative changes in the bone quality of Torontonians. This is not good.”

Would we drink suntan lotion to prevent a sunburn?  Of course NOT!  That would be very toxic for us so how in God’s name is drinking those chemicals they call fluoride okay?  Mike Adams of stated that even if you don’t drink it experts have stated that the chemicals they call fluoride have particles so tiny they even pass through water filters and your skin when you bathe.  I stopped taking baths but still shower daily and am forced to use that water that is said to be very bad for me?! What about the poor people that have no choice but to drink the city tap water and bathe in it also?!! Toothpaste is so cheap and it lasts so long. Plus, it’s said that topical use of fluoride is more effective and anyone who wants it could use it. I personally don’t, but that’s my choice! We should not be forced to use it if we don’t want to but yet they do?!!

It’s absolutely disgusting to say the least! I wrote Ford about the fluoride facts many times and he simply thanked me for the info but continues to leave it in our city of Toronto tap water???!!! I went on to post that info on his Facebook wall and it was deleted???  I wrote my city Councillor and Giorgio Mammoliti, as well. I sent them the link to the “Fluoride Deception” documentary too. My Councillor did not respond back to me but Giorgio did and he thanked me for the info. The ignorant, the poor and the vulnerable seem to be purposely kept in the dark while they are consuming this garbage with complete trust! And why shouldn’t they!! It’s not their fault for trusting a system that should be pure and not corrupted. The system seems to have taken advantage of their trust and this needs to be corrected immediately.

If these chemicals they call fluoride are not good for our teeth or us then why? It is said that this is due to the 1% ghouls of the new world order to control us with this said mass medication and reduce our fertility?! Alex Jones has explained this in great detail… I know it sounds so crazy but he said all his information is taken from the elites own documents?! See for more details.

We taxpayers even pay for those chemicals they call fluoride to be put in our drinking water, approximately $2 million a year, and that needs to stop right away because of the side effects and high cost! This is so wrong and evil on so many levels.  Shame on the people in charge for continuing to keep these chemicals in our water even after knowing the information!  The chemicals they call fluoride need to be removed yesterday!  I feel so strongly about this because I know it’s the right thing to do.  It’s a real shame that the majority of our leaders and civil servants seem to forget the basic principals of morality and that should be a chargeable offense!

Go to the actual report and look on page 1

This proves per the 2011 WTS report that the city of Tororonto does not use naturally occurring calcium fluoride but instead Hyrofluosilic Acid, the same stuff Mike Adams of spoke of in his mini doc, The Fluoride Deception. The following is a sample to Mosaicco’s material safety data sheet or MSDS sheet for Hydrofluosilic Acid is harmful or fatal if swallowed. I am going to look up the MSDS sheets for the other chemicals listed in the report and I hope you do too, as well. Not sure of the exact source of the Hydrofluosilic Acid so Mosaicco may not be the actually supplier. I just wanted to show you what a general MSDS listed for that chemical and if it was safe to ingest, or not and it doesn’t seem to be at all.

I know that there was a group of people that managed to get the fluoride in our city of Toronto water reduced by 40% but that is not enough. We need it out of our water completely and we need to review the other chemicals we are using too. I understand that we can use ultra violet light to kill harmful microorganisms. We have to look to new processes and advance because human beings are very sensitive to chemicals and they should be eliminated as much as possible.  Cancer is on the rise and I’m sure that we could reduce it significantly by getting away from all those harsh chemicals.  I can go on about preservatives, chemicals and artificial agents in our food and food containers too.  I will save that for another time.  Google it in the meantime if you wish.

***I forgot to mention that other cities have already removed chemical fluoride from their city drinking water! Calgary and Waterloo are the two Canadian cities that I heard about but as you could see there were many more!  You would think Toronto would have by now since we are said to be such a major Canadian city.

***UPDATE: January 2012 – I contacted PETA about my concerns with chemical fluoride in the city tap water for both humans and animals.  They got back to me right away, thanked me for the information and suggested that I start an online petition which I did and here is the link.  I would greatly appreciate if you would take a minute to go over it and hopefully sign. Online Petition “City of Toronto Remove Chemical Fluoride From The Drinking Water To Protect People and Pets”.

****Update #2 April 11, 2012: Windsor Utilities Admin admits source of chemicals they call fluoride that is forced into the city water used in fact includes factory waste?! I wrote the Ministry of the Environment at the Ontario Ombudsman’s staff suggestion today and hopefully this will put an end of the use of these chemicals. I also made of copy of the Windsor Utilities Admin’s admission clip just in case it ends up in the memory hole. Oh I also sent that same clip to PETA. Something has got to give I find it so hard to believe that so many are unwilling to expose this evil. Look at what happened with the PINK SLIME… we need to ride the coat tails of that if nothing else seems to work. If that doesn’t do it then I believe that a joint lawsuit would be ideal. We can’t just do nothing! So many people are consuming that garbage because they trust the system that seems to purposely keep them in the dark in order to most likely use them as nothing more than free filters and turn a profit thanks to the civil servants that just follow orders :( SHAMEFUL AND EVIL!!! Remember the truth ALWAYS comes out! I hope that one day soon we will no longer will have any chemicals put in our city water.

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