I just want to state that I do not hate anyone and I think that being able to express myself freely and peacefully is a great way to make positive change in the world.  For my regular readers, you may be aware of my adoration and great respect for Mr. Alex Jones of Infowars.com.  Well it’s probably because he and I share some similar views, especially when it comes to bloodsucking leaches.  Even as a child I knew it was wrong to think or behave as though you were better than anyone else.  I was not really fond of the royals at all because I felt as thought they felt they were.  Then later I wondered how they could live such a lavish lifestyle when so many people were suffering and starving to death in the world???  “Much too few have much too much and far too many have much too little” Gerrald Celente.  They are nothing more to me than greedy and heartless shells that only seem to be filled with darkness, evil and the lack of compassion for their fellow man.  If you could stop people from dying but don’t then I consider you to be no better than a murder.  No amount of tea and crumpets will be able to dilute that.  I found out that the royals claim to have been appointed by God?!  I highly and strongly doubt that.  My God, the father of Jesus Christ, would have never approved that!  If he did then he would feel just as disgusted as I do because they are doing such a terrible job thanks to the global pyramid scheme going on.  Shameful!

I understand that some of our world leaders want to start including levels of happiness instead of just the GDP.  I think that’s a great start but in order to make everyone happy we need to remove the set obstacles that make our lives so difficult and at times very sad.  I feel that the main one in our lives right now is preventing us to make money easily.  It is so very difficult to earn it, so many get stuck in mundane 9 to 5s that don’t pay that well and the increase rate never equals the rising cost of inflation.  If the royals and elite of the world made it less difficult for us then our happiness levels would rocket!  Then there are the things getting in the way of our charter of rights and freedoms.  That is so evil on so many levels and it needs to stop.  No one wants to live in a world that is based on lies and set up only to imprison them so they will not speak out against it.  Why would you want us to live in those horrid conditions while keeping quiet.  Are we mice or are we men?  I can assure you that we are not and would not put up with it.  You will only ensure an uprising and I sense that it will knock the royals out of power completely.  We know the difference between right and wrong so when we hear double speak, we will not fall for it at all.  Don’t tell us something that we know is not true and expect us to just bow down and trust that you are telling us the truth.  No way!  I for one would  not ever be able to do that and would peacefully resist it for an eternity.  Then things getting in the way of pure and natural medical treatments, food, water and  products.  We deserve our God given gifts and I am aware that you do not have anything less.  Anyways, right now I find that some of our world elite and our world leaders are behaving so insane and feel that they need some help soon.  I have been discussing what I can do with my friends and family and I will be contacting HAGUE shortly.  What is going on in the world today against it’s people are crimes against humanity.  You can change the laws to make it legal but wrong is still evil and history will show this clearly.