I love to watch PBS and they were running a documentary regarding The Warner Bros. in their American Masters Series a couple weeks ago. Believe it or not, but the film company released a movie, “The Nazi Spy” that alerted the world to the evil-fascist group.  Even before the film was released, there were threats to Jack Warner, but he released the film anyways.   I am paraphrasing here, but Jack stated that he was targeted for merely bringing light to the world about a very dire situation.  He was a very brave man and I respect him very much for standing up to the evil!  He was the first to do such a great thing and expose the Nazis!  Mr. Warner was born in London, Ontario, about 2 hours from Toronto!  I’m so proud of my fellow Ontarian and I pray that he is with us in this good and peaceful fight against the New World Order today.

I was at the war museum in Paris about 5 years ago, witnessed a trace of what occurred so many years ago and cried so hard.  I was picking up so much negative energy from the actual artifacts that I couldn’t even stand it!  It seemed that no amount of time could lessen the crimes against humanity.  It was so disgusting the evil that WEAK men can do!  DISGUSTING!!!  It is the people behind Hitler that allowed him to rise up with his filth we have to see.  A person I consider a modern day prophet exposes these horrid people and their abominations!

Anyways back to the Warner Bros. historical event… it reminded me of someone I listen to daily and believe is a modern day prophet that is here to bring good change to the world by exposing the evil.   Today’s fascism seems to effect everyone, except the few elite on the top, and Alex Jones, of Infowars.com, is exposing these evils with truth and facts daily on his very informative internet radio show. He has been labeled a kook and a terrorist for bringing light to the evil. Well I am calling out the people trash talking and going after Mr. Jones as either sheep, puppets or the evil ones. He is the light and the modern day prophet. No one even comes close to this hero!  Alex Jones has exposed the New World Order to the world since the 90s, just like Jack Warner of Warner Bros. exposed the Nazis to the world in the 30s. Shame on those that target him! Instead you should repent and go to the light.  There is no just cause to do evil!  I can 100% guarantee you that!!

The natural order demands you get out of the way and allow the goodness and prosperity to come in. Stop blocking the light or face the darkness, hopefully it will find you now if you don’t change.  Even if you don’t get out of the way you can not stop it.  The people are awake and are demanding the light, goodness, morality, ethics and truth.  What comes to mind is a dam that has several tiny little holes and it is starting to crack.  There is no way that you can stop what is coming.  The majority of people do not want evil like you do.  We want to live in a free and good society led  by good people like Dr. Ron Paul.  If that is not possible then we can direct ourselves via the voting on the internet or a computer modeled after Dr. Ron Paul.  Simple, honest, compassionate and pure ways should be the foundation.  The only slaves used should be robots and technology.  Every man, woman and child should live like KINGS!!! 100% on top!!!!

I just wanted to add that Alex Jones is not the only one bringing light to today’s negativity, there are so many brave men and women standing up and exposing the dark ones.  Dan Dicks of Pressfortruth.ca , Michael F. Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com , the many good people of Wearechange.org and I believe that was  started by the fearless and peaceful Luke Rudkowski.  They have picked the side of goodness, truth and light!  I stand with them in this peaceful infowar.  The truth really shall set us free!  2012 may be the year the evil system dies, and like a phoenix that rises from it’s ashes, will be born a good world that will take it’s place and exist in the truth and the light!

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