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Wow! This is so 1984!! I would like to officially say that I am totally against this bill. Alex Jones has stated many times that the elite bring in something harsh by means of a reasonable excuse. I will not lose my liberty and rights over a front! Our legal system is fine the way it is where you need proof and a warrant in order to investigate. Average Canadians should not be subjected to this without probable cause and the legal systems okay.  The government could use this against protesters and truthers because they don”t want to be exposed. Shameful! The lies, corruption and evil will come out so quit trying to cover it up. Look at what happened during the Toronto G20! We were treated so poorly. Even the night before I was approached downtown for simply parking my car where I always park and told to move? The protest was not even started then so why? I complied but did not like how I was spoken to. Why the scary act? I was just going out to eat for God sake. There was a teeny tiny sign that was placed behind the spot so I guess I should have seen that *rolls*. My tax dollars paid for that… what a deal lol In response Canadians have started signing up to in order to stop the Online Spying Act. I am proud to say that I am participating too! Oh and if you are on twitter search @vikileaks30 if you would like to see Vic Toews get a taste of his own medicine. Someone on Facebook started a facebook group promoting that we should be able to see all MPs emails and I think that”s a great idea. We should know everything about them because it seems that some are running a muck and going wild with corruption. 24/7 surveillance, mental testing, ethical testing and aptitude testing doesn”t sound like a bad idea for civil servants.

Premier, it is obvious to me that Ontario seems to be following part of this agenda?! It troubles me greatly because its seems like the majority of Ontarians don”t know a thing about it and it”s said intended outcomes of pushing people into poverty and taking away their land rights.

Mr. Alex Jones and his guest Rose Koire, author of Agenda 21 Behind The Green Mask discussed this Sunday Feb 12th and Thursday Feb 16th to quite an extent. To say the least I am shocked and rather sickened that you would sign us up to something so anti human and severe! I know you are not dumb so what did it take? What are you going to most likely spend an eternity in the fires of hell for? This is very serious and you better start talking and put this garbage up to a vote. I would most definitely vote against this crap! SHAME!!!

Here is the link to the information. Alex has his shows available on YouTube or on his site via, I believe.

My husband and I went to California this past summer it was really beautiful and the weather was so perfect! We also visited the Griffith Observatory there and it was incredible too! The view was so intense and spectacular too. We even noticed a section of the museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla. I had seen a documentary about him before because he was an amazing inventor but his inventions weren’t the kind to make money, only advance mankind and make our lives better. Free energy was possible but quickly smothered???

Why would they do something like that? Well I have one word for you… MONEY! How could they make money on it? They couldn’t so they tricked Mr. Tesla and burred the technology. DISGUSTING! There have been more inventors, more amazing technological advances and more cover ups since then. I think it’s about time to shine a light on this because I am sick to tears of this intentional primitive by greed garbage. For the good of mankind should be the driving force to do anything!

For those people that buy all this green garbage based on bad science, just ask yourselves one thing… do you like being conned? I certainly don’t. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a free and good society! No one should be bullied or harassed because of it either.

In the bright future, in a productive and positive society, money will not exist. The chains and burdens of it will be dropped, as well. Only happy people that are 100% on top. One for all and all for one. This 1% nonsense is anti human and evil. The time is here to evolve towards a peaceful and knowledgeable society whether you like it or not. The seed has already been planted and it’s too late to stop it no matter what you do. Please let go of all the negativity and hate and ask for forgiveness. You are a part of the 100% and we need it to be pure.

Bill C-30 “Spy Bill” Goes Overboard

The Toronto Star has an excellent article that goes into how ridiculous this act is if it is passed.  Hitler was even mentioned because he used to spy on his own people too!

I strongly feel that our Canadian government should NOT spy on it”s citizens.  What if the government uses that on protesters and/or truthers that speak out against corruption?  Remember now you can be questioned without a lawyer present.  Scary!  I feel that our current system works where a warrant is needed based on LEGITIMATE evidence.  Has anyone ever heard  of probable cause!

Alex Jones, of, has discussed this many times, on his excellent and free daily internet radio show through his website.  He explained how the globalists of the New World Order use a reasonable excuse, like go after child predators, to go after everyone.  I don”t want to lose my rights and freedoms.

Well I, Anna Sophia, through, have contacted my MP and I hope you do too.  We should continue to keep our internet free and open.  You can also contact your MP at this link

Here is a link to the Star article that everyone should read:–online-surveillance-bill-will-let-ottawa-spy-on-every-citizen

Thanks for your time and I really hope that you stand peacefully with me and contact your MP.

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