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The Internet, The Universe and Everything.

I believe that man has emulated the cosmos via the world wide web. That connection we have after logging on is as though we are plugged into what some spirits themselves have referred to as “the circle” “where dead people go”. Caught on an EVP and featured on the Maury Povich show. It was during one of his ghost specials.  I will have to search for it and try to find the exact clip.

The Internet is amazing because I believe that it taps directly into our psyche and into our soul, as well.  We come together from all over the globe to connect and communicate with each other on a very deep and personal level.

It’s an amazing tool that if utilized can significantly benefit mankind beyond any one’s wildest expectations!  It should be our main goal to develop it and protected from the tyrants and the criminals without removing any of the freedoms.

We should never try to control the internet because you could never really control the universe but you must instead learn to avoid the dark parts, just as you would in space.  No dark matter and worm holes for this girl!

We also have free will, a part of the natural order, and you should not interfere with any one’s free will. Now if they decide to break the law and try to scam or hurt anyone, then they must be brought to legal justice.  I am totally for that because I am a Libra, you know. The scales are my sign for a reason.

Instead we should delve further into the nets possibilities, perhaps it could be used to travel or expand ones mind in a positive way.  We should always harness technology for the greater good that will benefit ALL of mankind and not just the 1%.

On another note and totally off topic.  Recently I was listening to the Alex Jones show and he stated that the age of abortions has increased to born babies up to 3 years old???!!!  Can I just say how TOTALLY EVIL AND DISGUSTING it is to murder anyone, including innocent unborn and born babies!  I want to say it’s primitive too but it’s not even that!  It’s an abomination!  Stop this practice at once.  Life is so precious and should be cherished, not disregarded!  Remember when you are in the actual circle, you will most likely have to answer for all the wicked and sinful things you have done.  Even before that don’t forget your own karma!

Come on! Really??!!! Seriously!!!! Why do I get the feeling that we Canadian taxpayers are in the 1978 movie COMA???? Time to wake up from that sleep people and demand that our government go back to using our often interest free people”s Bank of Canada to pay off our entire debt asap and when absolutely necessary in future! Also I request there be an audit of what was spent to see if us Canadians are really responsible for the irresponsible. We need new legislation on politicians because we need to separate them from the elite and corporations and get back to working for the people. It is absolutely disgusting that our world is run like this and it needs to stop right away. 100% on top!!!

Back in 2008 I started to research Canada”s real economic status and I discovered this amazing docTRUEmentary, Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land, and was shocked because all the while the dinosaur prestitute corporate media was stating otherwise?!

Thank you to Alex Jones of for informing everyone about how the world really works because I am now able to look deeper and investigate things for myself instead of trust what the approved media tells us. Propaganda in order to push through a New World Order agenda. No thanks! It”s time for us all to go towards the light of truth and goodness in order for us to achieve a peaceful, positive, prosperous and productive world for us all!!!

The film maker of Oh Canada gives us permission to view his film in full for free via YouTube, however, if you wish to support him or purchase the DVD then please do so at his Oh Canada film site.

I tweeted Dalton my concerns regarding smart meters because I learned they are not mandatory in the UK and the C.I.A. admitted that the “smart grid” can be used to spy on you!  All I want is a choice for my fellow Ontarians and myself and not at the higher rate either because I”m aware of false anthropogenic global warming and engineered scarcity through green propaganda like in the book based on the “anti-human” UN”s Agenda 21, The Green Mask of Death.  I hear that there might be an election coming up due to the budget thanks to the Liberals total abuse of the people”s tax dollars and ridiculous green programs based on junk science.  Voting out these corrupt traitors is not enough!  We should have new legislation that jails these crooks!  Investigate this for yourself and spread the word.  Write your local MP, our PM our Ontario Ombudsman.  We can make good change.  I had visions of warning because we can change the future now in order to make it a brighter, positive, productive and warm place where all people can live like kings and queens! The New World Order can not win but we need to take peaceful and positive action now!  Anyways, here are the actual tweets and if you want to follow me on Twitter please feel free :)

March 27, 2012 UPDATE!!!  Guess what video is going around Facebook this morning!  It”s a public health physician warning about smart meters.   The people are listening and waking up!  I just had to tweet Dalton that too!  I want my analog meter back and at the cheap rate too because I know about the fake green based on deleted and doctored junk science!  I also am aware of the “anti-human” UNs Agenda 21 which is a harsh framework that some experts state will only strip away our rights and freedoms.  I personally have no intention of living like a caveman with the risk of getting sick too!  NO THANKS!!! Please check out the video below the the actual tweets:

Okay, kiddies… We have Twitter contact.  They know that we know about the UNs Agenda 21 thanks to Mr. Jones of  I feel that the correct answer would have been: “the framework to evolve a very strict global governance that will remove any and all human rights and freedoms in order to control and reduce the population.”  That will make Orwell”s 1984 look like going to the CNE or amusement park.  Am I missing anything?

I see Agenda 21 in action now with the increasing of utilities and the HST.  It”s also apparent on the city level too because of the restrictions to property owners on their own property.  From what I have heard and read, it is a framework that is being spun in order to trap us.  I for one have a God given right to a free and happy life.   For more information about it please CLICK HERE .

The old, new world and very obsolete order is going to be very disappointed when more and more people tell them where to go.  I”m not even worried.  I loved the response that the government is getting now from it”s citizens!  They are tired of this garbage and are starting to complain!  They are no longer sitting in the warm water waiting for it to boil.

I used to vote conservative but now since they only disappoint me too I am going to be for who I feel the real people”s party is, The Canadian Action Party with leader Christopher Porter!  I was happy to see that they finally turned up recently and I reviewed their platform and I am going to give them a try in the next Toronto Danforth by-election on March 19th.  Even if they don”t win they are spreading awareness to the current broken system.

More and more people are standing up in the light, they have chosen the side of good for the sake of our future generations.  I feel it in my bones more and more every day and it makes me very happy.  I always knew that 2012 was not about the world ending but rather the world changing and I highly sense that it will be positive, good and in the light for all.  100% on top!  The elite must repent and change their ways now, it is our destiny.

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