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I'm not really an artist but that is my simple little creation of the inverted pyramid so that 100% can be on top that can be further transformed into the most perfect society, the circle society based on purity and oneness. Currently our society is based on a triangle society which benefits only a few at the top, I believe it’s like .05%.  They are perched on top of the rest of us causing us to struggle and suffer just to get by so they can live like kings.  It’s not a very fair and ethical system at all.  Just look at the pyramid shape, it’s harsh and cold with it’s sharp point that seems to stab and hurts so many. It is not the way our world should be modeled after because it’s not natural and it doesn’t flow with positive energy. You see the universe is modeled after the circle because it’s endless yet it seems to be joined, just like a circle. Even the spirit in the EVP I blogged about previously mentioned the circle and how it’s a where the dead go to be one and communicate with each other. Then even before that I blogged about how our society should invert the pyramid so we are 100% on top but today I go even further and say we must join the top of the inverted triangle points into the most perfect shaped, THE CIRCLE. It’s so natural, beautiful and pure. It will join us and we will advance together in a most positive and productive world filled with light, goodness and truth. The only thing stopping us are the evil swines and they must repent now or they will further drive our society into the darkness that keeps us from knowing why we are here and the meaning of our existence. The key to a great society is that it’s based on truth and the natural order which does not stand for trickery, deceit and evil because those are weaknesses that cause us all to suffer in the long run. The universe is brilliant and we must learn to understand it and become one with it because otherwise we will never know our true selves and what our purpose really is in this amazing and mysterious place. Each and every one of us is important and wonderful so we must know that in order to fit into the greatest enigma. The code is in us but we must recognize it by going past our weaknesses and get past our evil part. I really wish that man didn’t have to struggle so because otherwise we would have so many with great contributions to mankind that would ultimately uplift the human race. The New World Order is destructive and without a doubt the most evil and disgusting thing in our society and it is being forced upon us because the intent of the people behind it is not pure and does not benefit us all in the long run.

I just wanted to add my recent thoughts about this post because it is what I believe could be the most natural and pure society that we could ever hope to hold and my proof is as follows: We are created through inception, then born from our mother, pubic area resemble upside inverted pyramid and then we feed on our mother’s breasts which are in the shape of a circle.

I”m not sure if anyone saw the piece that featured the author of Thieves of Bay Street on CTV recently?  If not then take a look at the link below this post, watch the video and read the article but before you do, or right after you do, please know two major things that the author neglected to mention.  CTV also closed the comments too soon in my opinion and I never got a chance to respond in time on their actual thread and that”s why I wrote this blog instead.  So glad they did that because I”m sure more people will see this information now! I forgot to mention that even before their article and video interview I had mentioned the book on their new social media site in regards to the budget. It is obvious to me that it was used in a way for damage control to protect parts of the unregulated and out of control financial system with half truths.

The two major items that I felt were not mentioned in the report, be it on purpose, or not, are as follows:

1.  Bruce Livesey stated that the toxic assets that Canadians purchased with their tax dollars was a good thing but he never mentioned exactly how much the bailout was for, why exactly it was good and whom exactly it was good for.  The amount was said to be in the area of $75 BILLION DOLLARS per May I also take this opportunity to say that I strongly feel that it”s never okay to use tax dollars to bail out private institutions and corporations, especially when I believe that it was their own greed that made them invest in such risky investments that caused such a loss on their part.  It”s not good for the people in my honest opinion because we basically paid to keep the same system a float and possibly in doing so the key players with it and also out of jail! Another disgusting thing that was mentioned by Alex Jones of about the American bailouts was that the taxpayers are also responsible for the compounded interest on the bailouts!  Yes, I”m almost positive that same goes in Canada too because since the 70s we borrow from private financial institutions that charge us compounded interest on that which brings me to my next point,

2.  Our banking system was a bit more sound than the US due to the lower Canadian 9:1 ratio which means that for every dollar the bank invests, they are only allowed to invest $9 of ours, instead of the 40:1 the US banks had going on.  Pretty good, right?  Well, as you saw in the previous point, we still had toxic assets because it was not a 1:1 ratio and there was still risk for the banks to invest with 9x more of our money.  Next instead of borrowing from our often interest free people”s Bank of Canada our civil servants are borrowing from private institutions that charge us that nasty compounded interest.  The docTRUEtary, Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land goes into this, as well as, the money printing business.  It”s really eye opening if you ask me and I find that it is not a sound system and we should go back to using our people”s bank as soon as possible.  Currently there are 2 Canadians suing over this because Canadians are being taxed so much in order to fund what I feel is legal loan sharking.  It”s shameful and wrong on so many levels.  Bill Abram, a professor, put out a very informative 25 minute video on the Canadian Banking system and the “theft” of Canadians due to the interest on interest, aka compounded interest, that occurs.

So you see that Bay Street is not the only culprit and we need monetary reform just like the Canadian Action Party platforms on.  I was proud to vote for them this past March for the Toronto Danforth by-election.  They only received 77 votes, but hopefully more Canadians will wake up and vote for what I feel is a true party for the people of Canada.

Even a 12 year old Canadian Girl knows the deal!

I forgot to mention that our Canadian Bank of Canada head, Mark Carney, was a former Goldman Sacks employee for 13 years, aye yai-yai! According to the CBC he is also currently the head of the world bank too?!

Globalization in my opinion is evil and a world bank is even more evil. Seriously, banks and money should only be about convenience so we don”t have to lug things around. It”s getting to the point where we have a spiritual mark burdening us instead as a trade off and it”s not fair. Banks and money are not more important than people and it should flow a lot more to the people to make their lives easier or it”s not working right. Jesus threw out the bankers from the temple for a reason and then he was crucified :( I feel that greedy people who scam others are weak, possessed and a danger to us and our society. We need more regulations!

I also want to add a tweet I came up with that seems very appropriate to me.

*** Maybe I should have said Robbing HOODS 2008 crooks that rob from the poor to give to the filthy-greedy less than 1% super rich! Super Mondo DISGUSTING!!!!

To make things right I strongly feel that the bailouts should be returned to the people and the massive debts, due to a majority of bad debt with fake AAA ratings, along with all that compounded interest all over the world be wiped out… just like the Mayans used to do every year. The people that caused the financial crisis should return all their money that the made and GO TO JAIL for at least 25 years! 2012 is all about being positive, good, moral and doing things truthfully in the light. It”s all about new beginnings and learning the universes secrets. They will never be revealed in a negative and evil world, I can guarantee you that.

Note: I have edited this almost 10x at least because I”m back from holiday and I”m not a professionally trained writer. Sure, I took English classes in high school and college but nothing major. Anyways, you all get what I am saying. If not message me via FB. Cheers!

All Of Lifes Answers Await Us

I am starting to really get the hang of tweeting but sometimes I have more to say than the what 140 characters will allow lol  I wrote a 3 part tweet last week by responding to my original tweet two times.  The actual tweets are right above this blog and I put them in the actual order they need to go.  It’s hard to follow that particular tweet because the first post of significance is below the other two.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and experiencing some visions too.  Add that to my worry of mankind’s future and you have a lot of energy swirling around me.   I can’t help but feel that we are still at a crossroads only inching towards making a final decision.  I’m afraid that the elite may choose the wrong path for us all but I really doubt that anyone would tolerate it for long, it would ultimately confuse the universe and prohibit us from knowing what we are meant to know.  The key components to any productive and advanced society are freedom and truth and without them we would never be a master race.

The elite seem to want us to live in these green cities but not everyone would like to.  As long as we are given a choice and not forced into things with propaganda or poverty then some people may go willing into living in a more controlled society.  I lived in a condo downtown Toronto for over 6 years and personally I wouldn’t want to do that again.  I much prefer living in a house but some people really love condo life.  It should be up to the individual.  We would unlock all the universes great mysteries if all of mankind was happy, good, knowledgeable, ethical, truthful and positive.  You can not ever achieve greatness through evil, deceit and force.  In a 100% on top society things would be more clear and things would come easier to us all.

So my vision I experienced today was very vivid and a bit strange. I was experiencing my life and living as I would normally and then I see teenagers in glass containers suffering :( Then there was gold everywhere protected with red laser beam alarms and I was trying to help the kids but they were trapped. It went on but it’s hard to go into detail. What I believe it was was a message saying that we are to get peacefully involved and help out our future generations. This Agenda 21 framework is going into effect now but we will not feel it’s full effects until later so we have to say something today because the people in the future were not happy and living in a tough world.

Anyways, I have devoted my time to writing on this blog and writing our civil servants. I hope it makes a good sized dent in the future to help those that I will most likely not know. Well 50 years from now I’ll probably be still alive, though. I hope :D   I love my life too much that I would never end it myself.  Plus, I am super healthy and love to work out. I don’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. I am very positive and eat right too. I hope to live past then, well into my 120′s or longer and I really hope that I can see a productive and positive society if I do :D I want that with all my heart and soul through positive thinking, my blogs and all my prayers. God please help us help ourselves. We just need more people to believe that they can make a good difference. Just look at the positive effects that the truther movement is having on the world. The elite must think they are a pain but in all reality they are making things better for them too. Relax and get your hands out of things because it’s against the natural order. Let things unfold NATURALLY and never interfere unless there is such a great evil that needs to be set right that is not invented just to look that way just so you can get involved.

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