I am starting to really get the hang of tweeting but sometimes I have more to say than the what 140 characters will allow lol  I wrote a 3 part tweet last week by responding to my original tweet two times.  The actual tweets are right above this blog and I put them in the actual order they need to go.  It’s hard to follow that particular tweet because the first post of significance is below the other two.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and experiencing some visions too.  Add that to my worry of mankind’s future and you have a lot of energy swirling around me.   I can’t help but feel that we are still at a crossroads only inching towards making a final decision.  I’m afraid that the elite may choose the wrong path for us all but I really doubt that anyone would tolerate it for long, it would ultimately confuse the universe and prohibit us from knowing what we are meant to know.  The key components to any productive and advanced society are freedom and truth and without them we would never be a master race.

The elite seem to want us to live in these green cities but not everyone would like to.  As long as we are given a choice and not forced into things with propaganda or poverty then some people may go willing into living in a more controlled society.  I lived in a condo downtown Toronto for over 6 years and personally I wouldn’t want to do that again.  I much prefer living in a house but some people really love condo life.  It should be up to the individual.  We would unlock all the universes great mysteries if all of mankind was happy, good, knowledgeable, ethical, truthful and positive.  You can not ever achieve greatness through evil, deceit and force.  In a 100% on top society things would be more clear and things would come easier to us all.

So my vision I experienced today was very vivid and a bit strange. I was experiencing my life and living as I would normally and then I see teenagers in glass containers suffering :( Then there was gold everywhere protected with red laser beam alarms and I was trying to help the kids but they were trapped. It went on but it’s hard to go into detail. What I believe it was was a message saying that we are to get peacefully involved and help out our future generations. This Agenda 21 framework is going into effect now but we will not feel it’s full effects until later so we have to say something today because the people in the future were not happy and living in a tough world.

Anyways, I have devoted my time to writing on this blog and writing our civil servants. I hope it makes a good sized dent in the future to help those that I will most likely not know. Well 50 years from now I’ll probably be still alive, though. I hope :D   I love my life too much that I would never end it myself.  Plus, I am super healthy and love to work out. I don’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. I am very positive and eat right too. I hope to live past then, well into my 120′s or longer and I really hope that I can see a productive and positive society if I do :D I want that with all my heart and soul through positive thinking, my blogs and all my prayers. God please help us help ourselves. We just need more people to believe that they can make a good difference. Just look at the positive effects that the truther movement is having on the world. The elite must think they are a pain but in all reality they are making things better for them too. Relax and get your hands out of things because it’s against the natural order. Let things unfold NATURALLY and never interfere unless there is such a great evil that needs to be set right that is not invented just to look that way just so you can get involved.

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