We are the world that we make for ourselves

Poverty and crime can be prevented if we take steps to eliminate them.  The time has come for legal action, including strict laws in order for our society to advance in a positive manner.

The first thing that I sense that is needed to occur is harsh laws to anyone that is caught carrying an illegal gun, at least ten years jail time and their immediate family are financially responsible even by means of garnishing their wages/cheques.  I feel that some sort of  satellite system is required to track people with illegal guns and lead to their apprehension.  I like Harper’s deporting of illegals, however, it’s only if they are caught committing a crime.  We need to prevent crimes from happening and by being able to immediately disarm crooks and crazies I believe that this would greatly benefit mankind.

Next end of welfare, subsidized housing and other hand outs in Toronto and other big cities via the taxpayers. Instead welfare should be transitioned into a work for pay fund in areas that more people are required like up north, Alberta, etc. Current recipients should be given 6 to 12 months notice that these programs are coming to an end and they must ask for help from their family or a charity or relocate to other areas that offer it.

I would also end immigration to Toronto and other big cities immediately for people that have no money or skills to support themselves. Jesus said it is better to teach men to fish instead of give them fish so that they can provide for themselves.  These handouts are wrong and when people are not busy working it only leads them to the wrong path.

Next we must license having children for all people, not just one certain race or religion. If you can’t afford a child or children, if you are not sound of mind, if you are not in a secure relationship, etc. then you should not be allowed to have children.  It should be a privilege to have children and not a right.  There are so many children that are abused and neglected because their parents are not capable of having them or even grateful for them and this needs to stop.  It’s better to be up front and honest about things instead of these ghouls putting chemicals they call fluoride in our drinking water said to be horrible for us and even cause people to be more infertile.

Legalize drugs and regulate them in order to tax them.  Experts believe that just like prohibition crime will go down and less people will use them.  Portugal has legalized drugs with good results.  I personally don’t do drugs or even drink so this has no real effect on me directly but if it would cause less people to commit crime and harm others then I am all for the deregulation of it.

If we wish to be a progressive and responsible society then we must be dedicated to a strict path in order to live a righteous life and prosper.   We need to start talking real change but we need to take action right away because otherwise it will continue or possibly get worse.  We could all live like kings and queens equally and in a positive world filled with light, truth and love.