I happened upon this vintage zodiac book from the UK at a local church sale and have referenced it many times when I am bumping heads with someone in order to help me better understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as, my own. I actually eased up on them a bit more and actually worked harder on my own faults too.  I am very vain, I was constantly looking in the mirror?  It was a bit exhausting to be honest.  I also work hard at always looking my best! I work out 5 days a week and try to eat healthy GMO free and organic foods too. I am into taking D3, the B50 complex, fish oil and garlic everyday too. I am balanced all around. Sometimes I think I am a little too over the top so when it’s not that special of an occasion I try to ease up and not spend as much time on my looks. I actually found out that I look sometimes better when I am not trying so hard. Less really is more!

Anyways, I just wanted to post this little something now before I post something major about developing a society that is balanced and not extreme. Today for instance I find the world to be run in a very negative manor based on lies, deception, violence and greed. I sense that this must stop, however, I do not believe that we should not have any government and structure at all. Why can’t we be in the middle? Why do we need a black or white society? Can’t we just be normal and good? I don’t feel that we need to suffer on either end. This is coming from a Libra that loves balance by the way lol Anyways, I am thinking about that a lot lately. In order for us ALL to greatly advance we just need to do a little tweaking to get there. It’s rather a simple thing. We just need to come together but with respect to each individual because we are all important. We should always respect a person’s rights, freedoms and never deceive them while keeping the laws of the natural order in mind. Simple! Speaking of which I can not post pics anymore. I updated my blog and it’s not working anymore. I hope there is a fix to it!  Update:  website is now running optimally again thanks to my best friend :D