Agenda21_Behind_Green_Mask_Rosa_KoireThe elites have been packaging their harsh and evil society in good caused wrappers for a while now.  I  call it candy coated propaganda.  So many people jump on their bandwagons without looking deeper.  Who wouldn’t want to save the earth?  Who wouldn’t want to ensure a better future for their children?  When you look deeper you will begin to realize that not only does their green movement not apply to all parts of the globe, like China, but it will actually strip us away of our money, rights and freedoms.  I love nature but not enough to live like a cave person in the cold and dark!  I certainly don’t want it if it means that we need to be controlled and monitored in every aspect of our lives too.  There needs to be another way, one that respects individuals and the natural order.  Plus I  do not want to be led by some that I feel are lost souls, dark and dim.  You should never force people to do something, especially by means of deception!

Rosa Koire is a democrat with over 25 years of real estate appraiser experience who wrote Behind The Green Mask U.N. Agenda 21.  She goes into how it is meant to enslave us by making us so poor so they can control and monitor every aspect of our lives.  Does not sound like a good thing now does it.  She has been interviewed by Alex Jones of, TJ Wilson of and Brian Lilley of Sun News Network too.  She is very informed and very educated about Agenda 21 per Alex Jones during her most recent interview this month. This *MUST READ* book is also on Kindle for only around $9 bucks. Re: “sustainability”, “smart growth” etc. This is said to take away our private property rights, our freedoms and our rights away. It is basically like the world in the Hunger Games. Why? It has been said so that the elite can control us and practice feudalism.

According to the book the city is funding this social engineering garbage with our own taxpayer dollars. **The money that should be used for pot holes, roads, park maintenance, street lights and things like that is instead going to ***REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY FUNDS*** for over 30 years now the Redevelopment Agency has been getting this funding according to Rosa Koire. They are anti car and anti Western World type of life and the purpose of this crap is to bring us to 3rd world status. Why does the city always have money for the waterfront but not for the Gardiner? They have money for that bike rack with showers and funding that failing BIXI bike program but not for our roads? Just look at the mess on Queens Quay! Making the westbound one way? Please! They are so into this nutzi green garbage and some of the people involved don’t even realize what this will bring about. *I just wanted to update that in Toronto on Queens Quay it’s called ***QUEENS QUAY REVITALIZATION PROJECT***

queens quay mess

Rosa Koire explained in her book that ICLEI is the local arm of the UN Agenda 21 and I looked them up and it is in fact true. There are right here in Ontario too and all on our dime!

How about we develop green human friendly agendas?  I will continue to recycle and eat organic.  My strong recommendation is that we must stop using chemicals in our food, water and products.  Let’s go back to nature and leave the tinkering of things alone and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a total abomination!

I just read an article that was tweeted this morning how Arizona State has approved a ban of Agenda 21!

State Ban on UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate

March 28, 2013   Source: The New American – by Alex Newman

Under immense pressure from grassroots activists across the political spectrum, lawmakers in the Arizona Senate approved legislation last week that would ban the controversial United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as UN Agenda 21 within the state. The measure in Arizona follows similar efforts in other states and comes amid increasing nationwide outrage about the international so-called “sustainability” plot, which according to UN documents aims to radically restructure human civilization under the guise of environmentalism and fighting poverty.”  More of the article here.


***Also had a very informative telephone interview with Rosa Koire that was posted on July 4, 2012.

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