Editor of FP Calls 32 Min A Bit Of FraudI am not one to ignore what I believe is deceptive propaganda, so I decided to have a go at an obvious attempt of hooking some uninformed and good willed people into, what I believe is a big scam, in order to continue feeding the greedy pigs & their insane globalist agenda (via their “anti-human” UN Agenda 21).  Anyways I had my say, actually I was tweeting up a storm about my position against the taxpayers paying more in taxes & new tolls, when we already pay too much (approx $170 MILLION in compounded interest to private banks per day per Christopher Porter of The Canadian Action Party actionparty.ca).  Anyways, I am aware of the bigger picture on how the globalist elite wish to make us so poor we will be forced into their system.  Why?  Control and to practice feudalism, of course.  Pretty sick and evil if you ask me.  If you want more information, because you should really research this yourself, then please go to www.canadianawareness.org

Anyways, I was so pleasantly surprised how Mr. Corcoran, Editor of FP, actually kinda backed me up.  Maybe it’s my wishful thinking, but I do think he did have my back “a bit”.   Also I just would like to state that I strongly believe that a bit of fraud is still fraud, there is no fraud lite.   I also thought the National Post’s article he linked to was very interesting and I do agree… where is the proof that spending $50 BILLION hard earned taxpayers dollars will actually ease traffic?  I was stuck in traffic during rush hour in Boston and they had expanded WITH new roads & TOLLS and there was still congestion.  I don’t buy this at all. I forgot to mention how EXPENSIVE some things in Boston were, approx $28 – 50 dollar a day parking and the food too!  I don’t think I will be back :(   I also send my heartfelt condolences to the people of Boston, the victims, their family and friends.  What a terrible tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon the other day :(

CanadianAwareness.org had another interesting article regarding our premier and Metrolinx creating illusion of choice in this matter.  Also you need to be informed about “anti-human” UN Agenda 21, how we are being tricked into funding it, how it will strip us from our freedoms and rights, all while making us go very poor to control us.  Again CanadianAwareness.org has many interesting articles about this.  Please do your research for yourselves and become peacefully active in this discussion because I still sense that we have a lot of real choice in these matters.  Let’s shape our future today for our beautiful country Canada and it’s wonderful future generations :)   Every good and informed person does make a difference!

*** Commenter on NP Metrolinx article stated something important:  “Look at the 407: Great toll road, but did it reduce congestion on the 401? It might even have increased it. That’s the problem. The 407 wasn’t meant to be a toll road. It was known that East-West traffic would continue to be a problem for the GTA and Ontario as a whole. The 407 was meant to alleviate that congestion on 400 series highways. But by making it a toll road we effectively capped its capacity at roughly 30%. It was great planning and well executed, util it was sold for pennies on the dollar. It cost over a Billion to construct and over 100 Billion to obtain the land for construction, but was peddled away by Neo-Liberals in the PC party looking for some quick pocket change and some kick-backs from their buddies in the private sector.”

And now saying we must in fact do this because of global warming which is not proven either and in fact over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition disputing global warming. Then why is the system doing this? Global governance, false scarcity and to increase taxes is what most think and I agree with that.

and even the creator of the weather channel himself is not buying this either and said that he wanted to even sue Al Gore!

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