6915880-wireless-world-wifi-earth-broadband-symbol-of-worldwide-internet-accessSaturday my husband and I bought a sweet ASUS router and he asked me what we should name it. We were allowed 2 names so I immediately answered CanadianAwareness.org & PressForTruth.ca :)   We Canadians also have OhCanadaMovie.com or ricksimpsonhempoil.blogspot.com and I’m sure there are more sites, as well.  Americans could use the Infowars.com or DrudgeReport.com or WhatReallyHappened.com or naturalnews.com or whatever truth site that they feel would wake others up or help them.

Instead if you don’t want to post a website name then maybe consider typing something that is truthful and important to you that you wish to inform others about.  You are allowed 32 characters so make your message less rather than more and make it count.  For example, in Toronto they do not put naturally occurring calcium fluoride in our drinking water.  Or you can post: “Anti-Human”Agenda_21_Seems_Evil.  It’s totally up to you, but please research things for yourself first before you take part and do not use this idea for harmful sites or evil.  I would rather you not take part at all then.

By inserting a positive message as a router name may seem like a little thing but I strongly sense that it would have a big effect for good and perhaps even wake up even more people up! So many people in your area look at their WiFi connection on a regular basis.  I believe that every single person that has access to one should do the same!

Please consider participating in this project and pass this along to your family and friends.  Together we can make a good and difference peacefully :)   Thanks for your time!

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