I was born under the Libra sign and am very sensitive.  Since I was a child I have experienced this, as well as, visions and recurring dreams too.  I have the ability to pick up energy, both positive and negative… good and evil.  Due to my sensitivity I also possess great intuition and it even creeps me out. Along with that I have experienced the paranormal first hand, so I know without a doubt that there is something else and much more than this.

Both my parents are from the south of Italy in Calabria where there are many cultures into one like Roman, Egyptian, African, Spanish, Greek and middle eastern. My uncle traced my father’s family back to the 1500′s in the south of Italy because he believed that our family name originated from Egypt. My nonna and her family are from the north of Italy and my mother’s side is from Italy and I believe also Spain because her maiden name is found in both countries plus she and her family have the Spanish look, myself included. I sense that I have many great cultures in my blood and I believe that they most likely contributed to my gifts. I am not afraid of them and have learned to benefit from my them spiritually. I also try to help society too by only speaking the truth, discussing what I sense and some of the visions I have experienced, as well. I believe that the future is not set in stone and we can fight peacefully with truth and light in order to change it for the better.

I don’t believe that I am a psychic and in no way can predict the future 100%, but who can really because it’s constantly changing. However, I often do experience visions, usually through vivid dreams, that I sense are mostly warnings to help improve the future for mankind.  I  can also sense things, like good or bad people and haunted places by picking up energy.  I can’t stand negative energy at all and it literally repels me.  I always deal with things in a peaceful manor, positive energy in makes positive energy out is my theory.

I have always been deeply interested in the supernatural and paranormal.  I have visited a lot of historic and haunted places.  I love to watch that genre and read about it too.  Two weeks prior to this blogs creation, my sister in law presented me with me a book, “Ghost Hunters”, by John Kachuba, for my birthday and it inspired me to pursue my paranormal interests and experiences further.  Thank you to John for inspiring me with his own story :)

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I was thrilled to learn that Toronto is one of Canada’s most haunted places in Canada. I delved further and discovered a book by John Robert Colombo called Haunted Toronto. This book has so much information and I even featured some of my thoughts based on reading it. I have also visited some of these places too and found other sites that are also interested in the Paranormal in Toronto.

Please feel free to look around and I hope you enjoy what you find.

Thank you,

Anna Sophia
T.O.P.S. Administrator

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