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The Keg Mansion, formerly the Massey residence (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail/Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)

I found a current article about some  haunted spots in Toronto and I wanted to include it on the TOPS website.  Just in time for Halloween too 8X   I hope you enjoy it and find the information of use to you!


Jason Kucherawy, co-founder of TourGuys.ca, is putting a skeptical twist on the city’s spookiest haunts this year. Those who go on the company’s Toronto Ghost Tour will get their share of scary details, but they’ll also be getting some science to go along with it. “At each location we talk about the history, then we talk about the ghost stories, the hauntings, the reports that have come out of that location. Then we talk about some of the possible explanations for people experiencing the paranormal,” he says. That’s not to say he’s out to rob people of a ghoulish good time. “I’m very skeptical, but I’ve been in places where I’ve felt creeped out,” he says. With Halloween just around the corner, Mr. Kucherawy gave The Globe the graveyard dirt on some of Toronto scariest sites.

1. The Keg Mansion, 515 Jarvis St.

Haunted history: Legend has it that back when it was the Massey mansion, one of the family’s servants hanged herself in the front foyer after Lillian, the Masseys’ only daughter, died, Mr. Kucherawy says. “The underlying legend is that she hanged herself not just out of grief, but because Lillian Massey was actually protecting her from a dark secret [getting out]” he adds. There are also reports that the second floor women’s washroom is haunted.

Fright factor: Throw “dark secrets” into the mix and the hairs on your neck will surely be up. The only thing to calm those nerves is a stiff drink and a T-bone. Thankfully, you’re in the right place.

2. Ryerson University Theatre School, 43 Gerrard St. E.

Haunted history: Originally opened as the Ontario School of Pharmacy, legend has it that students used to work on cadavers on the building’s third floor. “People have said if you’re alone there at night you’ll hear your name being called,” Mr. Kucherawy says. There have also been reports of people hearing the piano playing, going to look, and finding no one in the room.

Fright factor: Cadavers? Pfffft.Your name being called by ghosts? Ho hum.Theatre students!?! Run! Run as fast as you can!

3. Mackenzie House, 82 Bond St.

Haunted history: Formerly the home of William Lyon Mackenzie, the first mayor of Toronto, this is arguably the most haunted house in Toronto, Mr. Kucherawy says. “People have seen strange lights up on the third floor. They’ve seen the ghost of Mackenzie at a writing desk … the printing press in the museum at the back of the house has been known to start up and stop by itself,” he says. The ghost of an older woman with white hair has also been seen in the house.

Fright factor: Oooooh! An old-timey printing press is running! Even Scooby-Doo wouldn’t be scared of that. That white-haired ghost, on the other hand, would scare Shaggy senseless.

4. St. Michael’s Hospital, 30 Bond St.

Haunted history: Sister Vincenza, an elderly nun who passed away in the 1950s, is said to haunt the hospital, which was once run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. “Patients have described being visited by a nun in full habit, but her face is always in shadow. Vinnie [as she’s known]seems to come in and turn the lights on or off for people. There was one patient who said a nun came in to her room and put a blanket on her,” Mr. Kucherway says.

Fright factor: The best ghosts are the ones who bring you cozy stuff and then hit the lights when it’s bedtime. Terrifying.

5. Elgin And Winter Garden Theatre, 189 Yonge St.

Haunted history: The elevators, which normally require an operator, have been known to run on their own, perhaps summoned by the ghost of a woman who was stabbed to death in the early days of the theatre. “She crawled, bleeding, to the elevator, figuring that the elevator operator could help her. The elevator wasn’t there and she died,” Mr. Kucherawy says.

Fright factor: Perhaps the scariest part of this story is that the elevators still require an operator. What century is this?

6. Old City Hall, 60 Queen St. W.

Haunted history: “In Courtroom 33, judges have said they’ve felt people tugging on their robes. There’s a stairwell near that room where judges have felt hands on their back as though someone’s trying to push them down the stairs,” Mr. Kucherawy says. Some believe the room and stairwell are haunted by the ghosts of Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas, the last two men to hang in Canada.

Fright factor: Scarier than Mary Walsh and a This Hour Has 22 Minutes crew storming you in your driveway.

7. Hockey Hall Of Fame, 30 Yonge St.

Haunted history: Before it became a shrine to the best game you can name, it was a Bank of Montreal built in 1885. It’s haunted by a ghost named Dorothy, Mr. Kucherawy says. “She was a teller spurned by the bank manager. One night she took her own life in the bank with the manager’s pistol,” he says. “People have said they’ve heard the sound of a woman crying and they’ve gone looking for the source but couldn’t find it.”

Fright factor: That sound of crying in the Hockey Hall of Fame? It’s probably coming from a Leafs fan.


This 'genie' is currently for sale for $1,500 from eBay

I found an interesting article that I felt would be perfect for this website and it’s readers.  I can feel my anticipation for Halloween again!  I guess I’m on a break right now from sensing overwhelming negativity.  I know that I have pretty much said everything for now that I was meant to say peacefully in order to help our society go forward in a positive and productive manor so I am at peace now for a bit.  I never know when I am going to be used again, when my visions come, they come.  It used to be less frequent and only when I needed a heads up or warning.  It’s so strange but I don’t question it.  I just go with the flow and try to decode it and sometimes even write about it… what the people need to know.  Whatever I sense is peaceful and I would never do anything violent or destructive.  It’s only to better mankind and never to do anything else but advise for a positive outcome.  I disagree with radicals and extremists because I could never be one fore I am a Libra, a moderate that always tries to find the balance in things.  Anyways, I  don’t have an evil or destructive bone in my body or I would have to have it removed and thank goodness for that.  I don’t hate anyone either because we are all God’s children.  Some may need to go to the time out pit of hell for a while until they are purged, though.  I hope you enjoy the following article :)


eBay has announced it will ban the sale of spells, hexes and magical items from its online auction site.

Yes – it actually used to allow it.

It seems that for years users have been taking to eBay to purchase love potions, artefacts with supposedly magical properties and spells for use in their daily lives.

But according to a post on its official blog, it will now be cracking down from September on “advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, [and] healing sessions”.


eBay had previously banned the sale of “intangible” items, but potions and other magical whatnot had not yet fallen under the restrictions.

eBay’s previous policy said it would not allow the sale of “things that people won’t be able to use or be able to confirm whether they’ve received the items.”

“Items where the value is placed on an intangible factor. For example, listings that offer someone’s “soul” or a container that claims to have someone’s “soul” are not allowed.”

But all is not lost – for anyone wanting to stock up on magical objects before the ban, here are some of the items that as of press time were still on sale:


My sister-in-law just emailed my the following article, because she knew I would be interested and most likely post it on here.  I think the main lesson is to always be very careful when going on paranormal investigations, whether they be for fun, or not. You never know what forces are at play when you open doors!  Also, it’s not wise to mix alcohol and dark places so keep a clear head if you do wish to take a chance and explore the unknown.  Ghost Hunting and investigating haunted places is no joke.  I wish more people would take it more seriously.  I know that accidents happen too, but I believe that we can prevent a majority of them.


 Police were treating the incident as an alcohol-fueled death by misadventure, and not as a ghost-hunting expedition gone wrong as it had been reported earlier


by: Timothy Appleby

TORONTO The Canadian Press

In a mishap that ignited a frenzy of speculation about ghost-hunting and the paranormal because it occurred at a 19th-century downtown university building rumored to be haunted, a 29-year-old Toronto woman plunged four storeys to her death in a small courtyard early Thursday when a chicken-wire screen she was crawling across gave way.

The unidentified woman and a 34-year-old male companion appeared drunk and said they had gained entry to 1 Spadina Cres. through a downstairs bathroom window, according to a witness who briefly spoke to the intruders and called campus police after a scream was heard.

Pitched at a 45-degree angle, the chicken-wire screen connects the third and fourth floors of the building, constructed in 1875 as an annex to the Knox College Presbyterian divinity school.

The man apparently made his way across the divide successfully but the woman fell through, said the witness, who was on a late-night visit to the office of a student newspaper when he encountered the pair.

The woman was carrying some small tea candles and a pink parasol, he recounted, requesting anonymity.

“She had an assemblage of stuff, I thought she was an arty type.”

But there was nothing unusual about the couple’s appearance, he said, and nothing to indicate they were on a “ghost-hunting” mission, as has been widely suggested.

Shortly before, he had spied the pair scaling a wrought-iron fence surrounding part of the building – a pointless exercise, he said, because they could have walked around it.

“From what they told me, it was just urban exploration,” he said. “What they indicated to me, drunkenly, was that they had just happened upon the building.”

Neither of the two are believed to be university students.

Police were treating the incident as an alcohol-fueled death by misadventure.

The intricately structured Gothic-style building has a rich history. At one point it served as a medical research lab, and eight years ago a university professor was murdered there.

But police rebutted a tide of suggestions that the couple were “ghost-hunting” when the accident took place.

“I don’t know where the expression ghost-hunting came from,” said Staff Sergeant Dave Vickers, fielding a mid-morning blizzard of media inquiries.

“I think the reason [the couple] went up there was because they were trying to access a building that was rumoured to be haunted. But ghost-hunting? Somebody’s taken that to a whole new level.”

First of all let me say how much I enjoy listening to Coast To Coast, George Noory is an amazing person and he does such a terrific job. ” Tuesday Recap – John Zaffis and his guest, Carmen Reed told her story about living in a haunted former funeral parlor. ” I was so pleased to hear A Haunting Connecticut featured on the show last night!  Carmen Reed, the mother in the story, was interviewed.  Along with John Zaffis, who actually worked on the case.  His character in the movie was the priest, but he is not.  The classic Hollywood Horror distortion lol!  I am going to download the podcast because I was working and missed it.  For a copy of the show, please sign up and download hour 3 of the show.

I knew this story was based on TRUE events!  So many non believers have to spread their ignorance because they are so naive and can’t even fathom that there is something more than this world.  George Noory said that it’s energy, and let me add to that ENERGY NEVER DIES!  Both Carmen Reed and John Zaffis said that both the movie and the documentary was very accurate; however, due to time restraints neither was able to provide all the facts.  The same goes for the book In A Dark Place by Ray Garton. Carmon stated that she paid $750 a month for the 5 bedroom home back in the 80s and she gained more than lodging… she stated that she now knows that there is something else and would never live in another funeral home again.


Coast To Coast A Haunting Recap

Haunting in Connecticut

Paranormal investigator & demonologist John Zaffis and his guest, Carmen Reed (third hour) told her story about living in a haunted former funeral parlor, and the disturbing details of what her family endured. The events, which took place over a two-year period beginning in the late 1980s were depicted in the TV documentary A Haunting in Connecticut (2002), and the just released Hollywood film The Haunting in Connecticut.

The documentary was very accurate, though the new film hits on things that weren’t in the earlier project said Zaffis. Though Reed didn’t accept the idea that the house was haunted initially, her son (who was undergoing cancer treatments) immediately started seeing entities, including one that had completely blackened eyes. Zaffis said he spent over 9 weeks staying at the Reed’s home, and one night saw Carmen slammed into the floor. In his own terrifying incident, which took place on the staircase, he watched a transparent form taking shape that was accompanied by a foul odor. Zaffis heard a sound like “the fluttering of wings” and a voice that said “Do you know what they did to us?”

Reed said the entities used different effects to frighten them, including growling sounds and making the mattresses appear to breathe. While in a trance-like state that lasted 8 hours, she had a wrenching encounter with tormented spirits, where she felt their extreme negative emotions as they moved through her. For more on the case, including photos, see this recap from 6/7/06. Zaffis also talked about his work with well known exorcists such as the late Malachi Martin, Bishop McKenna, and Father Fortea of Spain.

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‘Haunting’ Movie Site

Check out the official website for the new film The Haunting in Connecticut, which is based on events Carmen Reed and her family experienced while living in a former funeral home. The site features trailers, ‘haunted e-cards,’ and a special blog called Questions for the Dead.


You may have seen the documentary, but you haven’t heard the whole story.

My name is Carmen Reed; I am the mom that lived in that haunted funeral home. I have tried for many years to walk away from this story and return to a “Normal” life. Over the years I was found several times and the story took on new life.It took New Dominion many months to talk me into doing the story. They told me that they would treat it with respect and they wouldn’t make it hokey or unbelievable. I have to admit, I was pleased with the way they handled it. Time constraints made it impossible to put everything in the documentary.
There is a movie, “The Haunting in Connecticut”, in development now with, “Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate”. I believe it will bring a new understanding of what went on in the house.I am now writing a book, “Demons in the Dark” with John Zaffis, the chief researcher in my home, and the always honorable Chip Coffey. The book will deal with the subject in its entirety, however, I still needed a venue where others could come to ask questions and get spiritual advice. I never want anyone to feel alone in their journey with the supernatural or other trials in their life, when I can help because of my intuition and by what I have learned.When someone contacted me, I would agonize over doing the right thing for my children. I also felt a responsibility to the story, and I felt it needed to be told.When my family moved into that house, I had no knowledge or even a vocabulary to describe what was happening. Which made the responsibility direr in my opinion?I know when the story broke in Connecticut, my children were hurt and insulted by others. I had this naive belief that the media was there to help people. I never for a minute, thought they would do anything to jeopardize my children’s safety. If I had it to do over again, I would never have gone public. I work with others now, I never recommend it.

I have decided that since the story would not leave me alone, it must be kismet. I now tell the story to anyone that will sit still long enough to hear it.

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