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My Green Snake

To dream in color is fantastic, I have been for a while now,  since I was a child.  It’s not a regular occurrence, but  a frequent thing. When I do, it’s as though I am receiving a message from a divine spirit, perhaps God? I hope it is God. I know it sounds strange, however, I have always known that they are important and not like your average dream.

The day I was experiencing a vivid altered state of conscience. I guess I became aware of it when I saw it… the green snake protruding from my left breast! Right through my nipple?! It was shocking!!! I grabbed it and pulled it out. I immediately threw it in the bathtub and tried to compose myself. Almost instantly I knew that I could not kill it. It was a part of me. I found it a new home that was similar to my breast. I then went on with my life, not my real life, but one that seemed like a parallel dimension, very similar to sliders.   One of the best shows ever by the way.  Anyways, back to my dream.  It was me, but not me, and it was definitely not my life. I was a minimum wage worker that worked in the Eaton’s Centre at a pizza place. I decided to not to work there anymore and I recall my boss giving me a few choice words.

How do I relate this to my life? Well I feel that the snake is my demon or demons. I have overcome them. I believe that it is so minuscule, like a bad habit that I am getting over, similar to nail biting that stemmed deeper from a childhood trauma. I know that it will always be a part of me so that’s why I could not kill it. This will make me stronger and strive for better things, just like in my vision.
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Revelation As A Sensitive Re: The Paranormal

OMNI Book - The Paranormal and the Mind

I have a Facebook account and one of my friends posted something about the paranormal so I posted something on his link. It is as follows:

I am reading a vintage copy of OMNI – Paranormal and the Mind. Very interesting. It helps me to somewhat understand that extraordinary things are not abnormal because they are actually more normal than we think. I still get a bit shaky & confused thinking about the paranormal things that I have experienced myself. As a sensitive I am more apt to pick things up but it is still mind blowing, especially when I look back. I have to blog about it to try and help me to better understand. What I have concluded is that it is what it is, and there is no explaining it now. I just have a gift that gives me a bit more information. We do not have enough because there are many more layers of consciousness to experience. I think that this life is only one of many layers that we must evolve to. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go, we can not even contemplate it, because it is so far and it is too mind blowing. Baby steps from one life to the next lol Mentally marinating to become super beings, perhaps?


The book is based on scientific studies in the for of essays on the unexplained from UFOs, to hypnosis, to psychic abilities, to the shroud of Tourin, etc. I am really enjoying this book! So glad I found it :D
It is out of print but you can easily pick up a copy online via Ebay or Amazon.

I have to start going to sleep at a decent hour!  On Friday morning I went to bed at around 3:30, all was so quiet, so dark and a bit eerie.  I had a feeling that someone was watching me.  A spike of fear surged in me for a brief second.  I couldn”t shake that creepy feeling.  I decided to just lay down and try to get to sleep.  The second my head touched the pillow something inside my ear and head started to breath.  I was shocked!  My breathing and heart beat didn”t match the sound, so I knew it wasn”t me!  I had never experienced anything like that before.  Nothing paranormal has ever penetrated me before so I was shaken.  My husband was brushing his teeth at the time, so I quickly raised my head and it stopped.  My dog was on my bed and sleeping so he didn”t notice a thing.  I guess it didn”t want to stir anything major since I was not alone.  The thing that really spooked me was that it was inside me.  Was it trying to send me a message showing me that it was very powerful?  I am not a person that is vulnerable so I”m not sure why it would even try to do such a thing.  I”m just glad it left and I hope it doesn”t come back because the next time I”m not going to be so surprised and I”ll be ready for it!  I”m not sure if you read my previous blogs about my home, how it”s located near a graveyard, and that 3am is the real witching hour.  I am not going to make it a habit of staying up that late unless I am really bored!

My latest vivid dream that I experienced a couple weeks ago took place in an apocalyptic type world.  It was so clear I thought it was actually happening.  Some sort of monsters were after myself and several others.  I had a semi-automatic and I was just spraying the demon creatures down.  I ran into the Army and asked them for bullets.  They gave me a couple of good handfuls and then I started feeding my weapon.  I have never handled a gun in my life???  I don”t even care for guns to be honest.  I walked into a jungle and then feel into trap that was dug out, but I was not dead.  I kept on underground…. I woke up and tried to shake it off.  The one good thing about it was that the soldiers were on the civilians side.

I watched Legion on Saturday night and it was great, even though it wasn”t the most amazing graphics, I loved the message of the movie!  It took place in at the brink of  the apocalypse.  One person can go against what is wrong and fight a legion of evil.  As long as one of us believes in the light we still have a great chance.  From what I see today there are many more than just one.  Count me on the team of the light!  We see the truth and know what is right and wrong.  We will defend it peacefully by spreading the word.

One man on the side of the light can make all the difference

The Free Internet Of Today Keeps Things HONEST

If you try to control the Internet, then you will surely corrupt it. Those that wish to silence the free speech of the people online are obviously up to no good. Exposing fraud is a very good thing and without it mankind will be consumed by the most evil and most dark.

H1N1, Climategate, Bankstergate, NWO, Big Banks, Big Governments are things that are common knowledge because it was too obvious that something was not on the up and up. The Internet did not really bring it out, the boldness of these ghouls ill behavior is out of control that the majority of people can”t help but notice.

Do you think the French people, before the revolution, needed a computer and net to see they were being fk”d with… NO! Censoring the net will not be the answer. Back off. If anything the World Wide Web is a tool because if the people are upset online then you can see that it is not right and you should stop. There is no doublethink here, the people know that wrong is wrong.

Also too many people have woken up and it”s too late, you can never stop this web wild fire!  The Internet only made this come out faster and you can never really stop what has been unleashed.  Plus, the majority will not go on your strict net, it will go to another format that is open and unrestricted.

I don”t want to think about this much longer because it is really sickening.  I don”t think it”s right to censor free speech and if anyone tries to do so with myself I will sue!  I have a right to express myself.  This is not 1984 or Brave New World!  I am not doing anything wrong.  I want the human race to advance and not to be consumed by evil-greedy ghouls!  Cannibals!   How can you even think of doing this to your own kind.  You should be ASHAMED!  You are being advised by idiots.  The light would never be a part of this.  Those witches are evil and your souls are going to hell.  Save yourselves and back off and stop this.  The New World Order will never win unless you go with the light and protect mankind and advance mankind with clean, cheap energy, food and water.  All for one and one for all!

I have never cried so much as I am now.  I had a dream the other night.  I was in a circus, learning how to go on the trapeze and everything was dark and there were rats everywhere.  It was such a horrid world.  I am not a freak show!  What I say is not a joke!  I am not here to entertain you!!!

I am thinking of  turning to my Ouija and make some EVPs for guidance.  I will ask to speak to someone in the “circle”.  They must know what we should do.  I am really afraid.  I hope that all the rumors about another disaster are false.  I am not a psychic, but I am a sensitive and thing do not seem right.  I hope I am wrong.

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