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Ouija The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This past Halloween my sister in law and I decided to celebrate our birthdays though they were early in the month.  As Libras we are both sensitives and both very interested in the paranormal.  I have a small collection of Ouija boards so I decided that I would give her one.

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Tarot To Go

While in the East Coast of Canada I was fortunate enough to find a Value Village and a practically brand new Tarot card set with an information book.  I was just in Chapters last week and I suddenly had the urge that I really wanted one??  Read the rest of this entry

Another Great Ouija Find!

I was at a couple thrift shops yesterday and I happened upon something really great.  It was a circa 1960 talking board by Canada’s own Copp Clark.  They were making boards since 1861!  They started with a wood board and then hardboard like the one I have newly acquired.  It has a genie on the box cover and even comes with instructions.  The planchette is wood and has 3 removable legs.  I have tried to find the exact date of the board, but have had no luck.  I did find out; however, that William Fuld, the original creator of Ouija, contacted the Copp Clark company himself in 1960 demanding that they not use the Ouija name.  His lawyers tried even way before that in 1919, but they ignored their request.  They are no longer in existance though.  For more details please visit Mr William Fuld’s website!  I don’t have my camera on me yet but I found the exact same board featured on  They have other cool ouijas on there too so it’s definitely worth a look. A picture from site owners collection

I’m not sure if I want to keep the board at this point though.  I have 2 others so that is more than enough, but it’s so unique and special.  My dad actually found it accidentally lol  I swear I went over the board game section with a fine tooth comb and never saw it.  The employees were also putting out things at the same time so that might explain it.   Ouija boards are abundant on Ebay if you would like to buy one right away because they don’t always show up at thrift shops that often.   Please see below for current Ouija auctions on Ebay Canada.  I also found some books on Amazon Canada that deal with Ouija.  Haunted Toronto and A Haunting DVD is also included as well.

Thifting For Spirits

I am a big collector of a strange 70s doll and so I would go to a lot of thrift shops to try and find them.  They were a bit harder to find, but I never left without some sort of treasure.  I would often find Ouijas and for some reason I would snatch them up without any hesitation.  I brought home a lot more than I bargained for, and I am still trying to piece together my paranormal experiences.  I still have two boards with me now and I find comfort knowing that they are there… strange, perhaps?  Yes, but I am becoming less and less afraid.  Even when I was little I opened a door without any Ouija’s to experience my first metaphysical taste.  I was always sensitive and thought it would be cool to hold a seance like a witch. By burning candles and a few spiders I was soon on my way!  I was only a stupid kid and had no idea that it would lead to such a wicked energy.  That must have opened the door, as well as the Ouija boards, it must be the reason for my experiences.  It doesn’t help that I am prone to sensing energy though.  This blog is helping me piece together the bits to help answer a lot of my questions.  I know that I will never exactly know everything, but at least I am on the way to easing my mind. I totally believe that there is something else… something of a paranormal nature. Energy never dies but exactly what happens after death is still a big mystery to me and probably to so many others. If we as humans would stop fueling wars and hate and start focusing on science we could surely find out. We could also cure death entirely too if we wanted. I don’t want to live forever if there is something better though.

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