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0439000744568G When visiting my parents a couple weeks ago, my father and I ventured out to some of our favorite thrift shops because it’s our thing to spend hours searching for vintage treasures like toys, board games, house decor, oddities and books!

Anyways we went to this HUGE thrift shop and I was so fortunate to find the above mentioned book, The Complete Astrologer. It is something else, I tell you! Filled with so much information and unlike any type of astrology book that I have ever seen before. I have been reviewing it while reading 2 other books so I have barely broke the surface with this one. It’s a mental juggling act that I don’t mind for the true greater good, but I do need to focus on it exclusively once I’m finished the two. My Amazon Wish List has to wait for a bit :(

There are two versions of this book and both are featured in pictures in this blog.  There is a white covered version of this book but the issue I found is the red hardcover one that I found shelled in a solid, red and thick paper case.  The picture is right below this paragraph.


When I flipped through it’s thick, yet smooth, colorful, yet dull pages, I felt as though I was in a Beatles 70s movie lol So 70′s esque! The artwork is amazing and even the fonts make you want to run outside on a sunny day in a wheat field, in the nude, whilst picking some wildflowers that start to bloom under your bare feet.


The couple that wrote it, Parkers, have written so many more books too. I am actually kind of excited to try and collect them all. It’s very rare that I find these treasures in person so I will resort to Amazon and Ebay because it is so very easy to purchase out of print books that way.

I just wanted to share this with you because I think it’s a book that people who are interested in astrology and/or the zodiac might want to check out. Peace out ;)



If you have heard of famous Amityville Horror, then you have probably heard of Lorraine Warren and her late husband, Ed. She and her husband have investigated many other haunting and demonic cases.

I have seen them featured on A Haunting and just Lorraine on Paranormal State numerous times.  I always enjoy when they are involved because I have always felt that they brought more than their expertise.

The Warrens believed in both scientific and spiritual aspects of the paranormal, as do I.  They not only investigated, but they wanted to help.  Their work for The New England Society for Psychic, that was founded in 1952, proved that.  There are books and movies documenting those accounts, all on Wiki, as well.

There is a Face book page dedicated to this event with all the exact information and details.  I am a big fan of hers so I might even be there too :)

Top 5 Haunted Buildings in Toronto

Friday October 31, 2008

It’s Halloween! What better way to celebrate than with some ghost stories? Here are’s Top 5 Haunted Buildings in Toronto.

Old City Hall Toronto www.toparanormal.org5. Old City Hall

Judges’ robes mysteriously being pulled, footsteps heard walking down deserted hallways, moans from empty holding cells in the basement – these are among the many unexplained occurrences that have been reported from Old City Hall. So what (or who) is disturbing the building? One theory is that it’s the ghosts of Robert Turpin and Arthur Lucas, the last two men sentenced to hang in Canada. Although tried for separate crimes their lawyer, Ross MacKay, believed both men to be innocent. Whether it’s the spirit of disgruntled criminals or just an old creepy building is up to you to decide.

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Tarot To Go

While in the East Coast of Canada I was fortunate enough to find a Value Village and a practically brand new Tarot card set with an information book.  I was just in Chapters last week and I suddenly had the urge that I really wanted one??  Read the rest of this entry

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