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A Whole Lotta A Haunting!

I was going through my A Haunting collection and realized that my very favorite episode was not included? I was so disappointed and hit TOPS to find out what was going on. I looked up and found out that A Haunting Connecticut and Georgia were the pilots and not included with my Season 1 & 2 set :( Because of popular demand they were just released at the end of this September so of course I BIN’d them (Buy It Now option some Ebay auctions offer) !! I’m so excited!!!!  I won both A Haunting Pilots, Connecticut and Georgia.

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I was doing one of my usual searches and happened upon some Halloween footage that featured Parkdale. A rather interesting fellow guided us on a tour of some of the haunted locations there. Please see it below…

Legend Trippers

I was watching Discovery  A Haunting,  Season 4 – Episode 11,  Legend Trippers.  That is an actual term that is used and the show  described it as  persons  who are interested in the paranormal, that  go on  casual investigations, of  allegedly haunted  locations.  That describes a majority of  ghost hunters who are starting out, but if you are in that group, please beware. Don’t take the paranormal so lightly and always go in at least a group of two!   I wouldn’t recommend going at all if you are a vulnerable soul because you may be followed or overtaken. Speaking from actual experience, the force and strength an entity holds is beyond incredible. The following video is of three Wisconsin teenagers who have very little to do on a Halloween night so one learns of a legendary nearby haunted cemetery. The site also lists a dare and they decide to see for themselves if the stories are true.   I Googled the site, but couldn’t find it.  For  a list of haunted spots for Toronto, or your city, hit the web and you will surely obtain ample listings for public places with rumored activity.

Haunted House Shopping In Toronto

In the next few months I am hoping to acquire a house and I am also hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will have something extra, other than the usual amenities. Am I crazy for wanting to experience more supernatural energy? I’m so drawn to it.. I can’t even begin to explain. I imagine it’s like people who jump out of a plane. That high they must experience is too euphoric to resist. Speaking of buying a haunted house, I was searching the City TV archives and stumbled upon the following article. Hit the link below to access the video footage…

Would-Be Homeowners Balk At Buying A “Haunted House”

Thursday August 31, 2006

The housing market in the G.T.A. continues to churn out record numbers, with more and more homes and condos getting record prices. The Danforth has always been a coveted area, but there’s one home in the neighbourhood that may end up literally spooking away prospective buyers.

The Victorian mansion is rumoured to be haunted, and Christian Cedieux, a crime and trauma scene cleaner, has spent enough time inside to determine for himself whether a ghoulish presence exists. He’s been working at the house ever since the elderly owner was found dead inside.

She died of natural causes, but Cedieux now considers himself a believer in the supernatural.

“I refuse to allow any of my employees to work by themselves,” he admits with a straight face.

“Everyone had to work in teams of two. From equipment turning off and on, to gloves levitating. I had a grown man 35 years of age who ran out of one particular room screaming and crying. He couldn’t take it.”

“There are things that cannot be explained, and I’ve seen it; my staff has seen it; we’ve experienced it; we’ve felt it; we’ve smelt it.”

“One of my employees was pushed by an invisible assailant. He ran down screaming and crying and was really spooked out.”

Four workers left and never came back.

The house is now clean and ready for sale, although Christian admits he wouldn’t spend a night there for $1,000.

“There are things that cannot be explained, and I’m here to tell you that they’re very for real.”





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