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Dale, aka the old hippie, put out a great message last night against torture and acting on pre-crime. I can’t tell you how much I loved the Walking Dead before but now even more! I mean I can understand why Rick had to shoot those guys from Philly… one of the guys drew first on him, but the kid never did anything… yet? It’s such a tricky situation but I’m glad to say that the kid is still with us… for now? I am a bit concerned that he was left tied up with the barn door open alone though! Hope he wont end up to be zombie pate because that would be an easy way out.

Dale is my hero and what an amazing monologue he gave last night. We should never do things to ruin our humanity and civilization.
This also can relate to what is going on in the world today. I also feel that it’s not too late if things were done then we simply must correct it and/or stop like the bail outs and the wars. Give the people back their money and end the wars. Simple! Like Andrea stated, there must be a better way!

A must watch for those that are not squeamish and meet the age requirements of the show. I mean that show was sooooo scary last night!!! The child near the zombie trapped in mud made me think of when I have to draw blood and having that in my arm for a long period of time!!!!! I loved it!

Thanks to shows like that I am sure our future will be brighter because no one wants to live in a world like that.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Judge, Jury, Executioner Trailer

In the mid 90s The Stand by Stephen King was made into a 4 part mini TV series.  It played in it’s entirety, on the SyFy channel, this past Sunday and I watched the whole thing!

It opens on a military base after a killer bug ravened all those that were on the base.  The gate guard received an urgent call to secure the gates, but he instead raced to rescue his wife and daughter and took off blazing!  He ends up crashing into a gas station, showing the scars of the virus, he is met by some locals… and so it all began.

We are introduced to people that all share common visions in their dreams.  They are on a quest to find the old woman that is calling them, while at the same time aware of the other they do not want to find.

The world was divided into 2 parts, Boulder and Las Vegas, the good found Boulder and the servants of the bad ended up in Sin City… so fitting, no lol

Those that were on the side of the good had to take a STAND against the evil and that is what we must do today.  They did not have any weapons, they were merely fighting with their morals and light.

I see that many, many people of the light are banding together online today and speaking out against the tyranny.  It has even gone off-line and people are starting local groups, taking crooks to court and spreading the word.

I can’t believe that the New World Order is still keeping the poor countries poor, breaking other countries, trying to push there evil green agenda through, also pushing their dangerous vaccines and still covering up all the financial problems.

These are very scary times and our world leaders have to stop these evils and work towards correcting them.  Morals and ethics should lead their way!  There is enough room for all of us.  The rich and elite that want us peasants dead are EVIL and will face their dues in front of our almighty king, GOD!

This is not going to be easy but we must follow the light and value each and every person here on this earth.  Each one of us are a MIRACLE!!!  License people in order to have kids instead, don’t kill or sterilize them.  There must be a common ground where we can all exist in harmony together.

I hear Mars is nice this time of year, why not take your NWO selves there since you find us and our earth so crummy.

I highly recommend that you watch the film or read the book.  Check the rating, I think it’s pg14, but you have to double check.

I just want to add that I really admire Stephen King!  He’s a genuine genius, so advanced for his time.  He is very talented.  I wonder if he’s a sensitive too?  I would love to see one of his dreams!  If Mr. King is reading this and is looking for an apprentice, I would be so very honored!

I have to start going to sleep at a decent hour!  On Friday morning I went to bed at around 3:30, all was so quiet, so dark and a bit eerie.  I had a feeling that someone was watching me.  A spike of fear surged in me for a brief second.  I couldn”t shake that creepy feeling.  I decided to just lay down and try to get to sleep.  The second my head touched the pillow something inside my ear and head started to breath.  I was shocked!  My breathing and heart beat didn”t match the sound, so I knew it wasn”t me!  I had never experienced anything like that before.  Nothing paranormal has ever penetrated me before so I was shaken.  My husband was brushing his teeth at the time, so I quickly raised my head and it stopped.  My dog was on my bed and sleeping so he didn”t notice a thing.  I guess it didn”t want to stir anything major since I was not alone.  The thing that really spooked me was that it was inside me.  Was it trying to send me a message showing me that it was very powerful?  I am not a person that is vulnerable so I”m not sure why it would even try to do such a thing.  I”m just glad it left and I hope it doesn”t come back because the next time I”m not going to be so surprised and I”ll be ready for it!  I”m not sure if you read my previous blogs about my home, how it”s located near a graveyard, and that 3am is the real witching hour.  I am not going to make it a habit of staying up that late unless I am really bored!

My latest vivid dream that I experienced a couple weeks ago took place in an apocalyptic type world.  It was so clear I thought it was actually happening.  Some sort of monsters were after myself and several others.  I had a semi-automatic and I was just spraying the demon creatures down.  I ran into the Army and asked them for bullets.  They gave me a couple of good handfuls and then I started feeding my weapon.  I have never handled a gun in my life???  I don”t even care for guns to be honest.  I walked into a jungle and then feel into trap that was dug out, but I was not dead.  I kept on underground…. I woke up and tried to shake it off.  The one good thing about it was that the soldiers were on the civilians side.

I watched Legion on Saturday night and it was great, even though it wasn”t the most amazing graphics, I loved the message of the movie!  It took place in at the brink of  the apocalypse.  One person can go against what is wrong and fight a legion of evil.  As long as one of us believes in the light we still have a great chance.  From what I see today there are many more than just one.  Count me on the team of the light!  We see the truth and know what is right and wrong.  We will defend it peacefully by spreading the word.

One man on the side of the light can make all the difference

Well we were the first ones in line at the movie at the Beaches last night… we showed up more than 1/2 hr early to ensure that we would not only get in, but get good seats, as well.  First off, the movie did follow the typical Hollywood bastardization of true haunting stories, in order to follow the standard for classic haunted house films; however, they did update it for today’s audience with zombie-like entities trapped in the former funeral home.  The film does provide you with a scare factor, even though it’s only rated 14A.  I liked the characters and how the story flowed.  I do much prefer the television version of A Haunting, because the re-enactments, along with the narration of facts, in the series, certainly do amplify the scare effect, instead of quick jolts, here and there, with a lot of drama filler, like in the movie.  If you enjoy B Horror films then I would definitely go see the film.  If you are true to Discovery A Haunting, then you probably find it awkward, at the start.  I am both, so I was able to get into the movie… even the cheesy parts too lol  The movie was approx 2 hours long and not one person walked out, so it was not a bad movie.  I would rate this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.   I am going to pick up the book to get the full story, because I’m sure both the show and movie could not have provided all the facts and how much of it was fudged, right?  As a true horror buff, I know that you will probably never see horror film actors receive an oscar for these types of films, because they will always be typical B films, yet, I did jump off my seat several times, though.   I am going to buy the BluRay DVD when it comes out because the story was so very fascinating.

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