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The elite are nothing more than wild pigs imo. Picture from

After all this time and our leaders, and the people that are said to really control them, still have not gotten it right. Instead of advancing they allow violence, filth and destruction. Instead of praising God and his amazing miracles, they defecate on themselves like weak, sick and dying animals. Can’t they for once stop indulging their demons and think clearly! Have they no shame? Have they no guilt? Have they no sense? Have they no control. With all the evil that has transpired this past couple of weeks I really feel that they need a written intervention and I feel that I am up for the job via this blog post.

Let’s look at the definition of terrorism via Wikipedia Now let’s break it down and focus specifically on *”DELIBERATELY TARGET OR DISREGARD THE SAFETY OF NON-COMBATANTS (CIVILIANS)”. There are many examples of how our civil servants have totally disregarded us in lieu of CORPORATIONS, BIG PHARMA, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and all for the GLOBALIST ELITE.

Those that allow or practice terror against their own are terrorists in my opinion. Those that are employed by the people at any level and do anything that is not in the best interest of the people are nothing more than traitorous terrorists in my eyes. We all know this is happening, we all know there is corruption and yet there are no laws to stop this.

Being in Canada I am so very proud that our RCMP actually have stopped terror plots prior and I am so grateful. They stopped one the other day involving 2 muslim men that were going to try and derail Via Rail!  Apparently the men had been followed by our authorities and no one was ever in any danger. Then CTV National news stated that actually muslims tipped off authorities? So then they had no idea what was going on and it was on account of a tip otherwise they would not know? One of the men had something on his record 16 years ago but still allowed into Canada?

I read on a tweet from AM640 that perhaps this should not have been made public in order not to instill fear. Then last night on the CTV National news I heard that we have all these trains that we can never really secure, and yet we need to look at body scanners and such??? Also with the Toronto Marathon, another person on CTV news stated that there was no way to secure the entire race?

How about this, how about not letting in anymore people that are from these known violent extremist hate groups and consider deporting any trouble makers right away! So many are here in Toronto and if you knew exactly where to go then you would see so many and so many seem not to be working either. Yes, even one of our Toronto Councillors commented on how they all know where the welfare line is. This is all a part of the Committee of 300′s top 10 agendas. They want to destroy nations and this is the way that they think they can do it. Well you know what, it’s not going to work! It’s just going to make people come together to protect their nation more. All their crazy schemes are not going to work. It’s so obvious to me and I’m very confident about what I am writing.

What kind of civilized society allows this to happen and to exist and behave as if everything is fine??? I will state the obvious. None. We are no better than the most savage of beasts. What monsters are allowed, are due to the most pathetic. I’m not only talking false flag terror or provocateurs, I’m also talking about the horrible practices of water fluoridation, the cancer business, legalizing GMOs, allowing shots and meds that have harmful ingredients & side effects and unfortunately the list goes on.

This reminds me of a time I was walking to Loblaws on Queens Quay and I saw a notice on one of the posts about the Hells Angels. It simply stated that without CORRUPTION there could be no CRIME and it went on to explain that the police were allowing them to operate. Soon after seeing that posting Hells Angels was in fact shut down by the police. The power of words! Those words didn’t sit well and that’s when something was done about it and by those that were simply pointed them out for being corrupt.

Our society today is severely warped and is in need of some laws for the civil servants that this all stems from, in my opinion. Without corruption there really could not be any crime! So let’s do something about this peacefully. It is time. We need the good people that represent us in government to step up and speak out and demand new laws that would harshly deal with corrupt civil servants. We need the people to stand with them, also peacefully. The time has come that we go on the path of the light and goodness for a peaceful and productive society.

I demand that our civil servants stop being influenced by others. If they expose you for something then I would have more respect for you standing up to them and saying no more! We need laws to protect our civil servants from the elite and their henchmen. If they still fold we need laws that will punish our civil servants harshly and in their wallets too with big fines and major harsh sentences.

Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party needs to be brought to justice for being traitorous for only having the best interest of the corporations and globalist elite in mind. It’s so disgusting how they jumped on board with so many scams and blunders that I believe were fully intentional. More screw ups mean more money and more compounded interest for the pig banksters and their masters. The “anti-human” UN Agenda 21 was brought to Ontario via the Liberals imo. You know those smart meters, eco fees and such. It was not an idea that the Liberals had on their own, this is a global project. It’s all on my blog, go to the section SOSCANADA, located on the right of this page, if you wish to learn more.

Puppet clowns is my new expression for the Liberals. They are so obvious it’s disgusting and the people that support them need some serious help in my opinion. Do they enjoy being falsely represented because they are not about the people at all. I mean, really? Is it cool to be a total ignoramus? The Liberals intend to help the globalist make us so poor, they already have with their dangerous legislation, taxes and fees, but yet these yuppies that have no clue or no care keep voting for these demented lap dogs of the New World Order? I believe that all 3 of our top parties are controlled but the Liberals seem to be on the fast track to turning Ontario into North Korea. I pray that they are not voted in on a federal level. Disgusting! I will never vote for Liberals again! If you had half a brain you would research what I said, determine for yourself and not either.

I just wanted to add the link to CTV News stating it was actually a tip from muslim community that alerted authorities:

Also another link to CTV News – securities call for increased security:


Editor of FP Calls 32 Min A Bit Of FraudI am not one to ignore what I believe is deceptive propaganda, so I decided to have a go at an obvious attempt of hooking some uninformed and good willed people into, what I believe is a big scam, in order to continue feeding the greedy pigs & their insane globalist agenda (via their “anti-human” UN Agenda 21).  Anyways I had my say, actually I was tweeting up a storm about my position against the taxpayers paying more in taxes & new tolls, when we already pay too much (approx $170 MILLION in compounded interest to private banks per day per Christopher Porter of The Canadian Action Party  Anyways, I am aware of the bigger picture on how the globalist elite wish to make us so poor we will be forced into their system.  Why?  Control and to practice feudalism, of course.  Pretty sick and evil if you ask me.  If you want more information, because you should really research this yourself, then please go to

Anyways, I was so pleasantly surprised how Mr. Corcoran, Editor of FP, actually kinda backed me up.  Maybe it’s my wishful thinking, but I do think he did have my back “a bit”.   Also I just would like to state that I strongly believe that a bit of fraud is still fraud, there is no fraud lite.   I also thought the National Post’s article he linked to was very interesting and I do agree… where is the proof that spending $50 BILLION hard earned taxpayers dollars will actually ease traffic?  I was stuck in traffic during rush hour in Boston and they had expanded WITH new roads & TOLLS and there was still congestion.  I don’t buy this at all. I forgot to mention how EXPENSIVE some things in Boston were, approx $28 – 50 dollar a day parking and the food too!  I don’t think I will be back :(   I also send my heartfelt condolences to the people of Boston, the victims, their family and friends.  What a terrible tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon the other day :( had another interesting article regarding our premier and Metrolinx creating illusion of choice in this matter.  Also you need to be informed about “anti-human” UN Agenda 21, how we are being tricked into funding it, how it will strip us from our freedoms and rights, all while making us go very poor to control us.  Again has many interesting articles about this.  Please do your research for yourselves and become peacefully active in this discussion because I still sense that we have a lot of real choice in these matters.  Let’s shape our future today for our beautiful country Canada and it’s wonderful future generations :)   Every good and informed person does make a difference!

*** Commenter on NP Metrolinx article stated something important:  “Look at the 407: Great toll road, but did it reduce congestion on the 401? It might even have increased it. That’s the problem. The 407 wasn’t meant to be a toll road. It was known that East-West traffic would continue to be a problem for the GTA and Ontario as a whole. The 407 was meant to alleviate that congestion on 400 series highways. But by making it a toll road we effectively capped its capacity at roughly 30%. It was great planning and well executed, util it was sold for pennies on the dollar. It cost over a Billion to construct and over 100 Billion to obtain the land for construction, but was peddled away by Neo-Liberals in the PC party looking for some quick pocket change and some kick-backs from their buddies in the private sector.”

And now saying we must in fact do this because of global warming which is not proven either and in fact over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition disputing global warming. Then why is the system doing this? Global governance, false scarcity and to increase taxes is what most think and I agree with that.

and even the creator of the weather channel himself is not buying this either and said that he wanted to even sue Al Gore!

Queen of pain suffering and poverty


In 2012 we have heard numerous things about the greedy elite and the 1% during the Occupy movement.  You remember the greedy pigs who profited and/or caused the financial instabilities across the globe with their legalized gambling but who exactly are they? Well there is a Committee of 300 with pictures and reports of their bloated “white spirit boy” bank account posted by Anonymous and others.

10 main goals and the queen is said to head it all?! I have always questioned why royals hoard so much wealth while others suffer and starve? How could anyone sleep at night? I understand that the Queen is the patron (involved in and may not donate to) of 67 charities but that is not enough! As long as there are people suffering then she and others like her are not doing enough.  We should ALL live like kings and queens!!!  Each and every human life is precious.

Group of 300

Also the way that they are obviously steering our world is disgusting! In my post regarding Interview With An Exorcist by Father Fortea reads that demons influence people of influence and obviously these 300 are weak minded minions of evil.

I knew about the private meetings but it goes much deeper.  The secret group is featured in the excellent documentary, END GAME by Alex Jones of  It streams for free with his permission on YouTube.  I have the actual YouTube widget of the doc in this post at the bottom if you care to watch it.  I strongly recommend that each and every human being should!  Did you know that some of it was even filmed in Ontario during the secret 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa!  Please consider purchasing it in order to support him and his very important work.  Thanks to Alex and other peaceful truthers they are slowing down these obvious sick people.  You can support him during his annual moneybomb, which I have done or you can purchase some of his DVDs, books or t-shirts, and more, which I have, as well!  :)   If you can’t afford it then don’t worry about it, simply inform yourselves and peacefully spread the good facts in order to expose these bad people in order to stop them.  There is no way they can go ahead with their crazy plans if the whole world is watching them and knows.    Infowars Store

This is no conspiracy because there are too many facts and proofs of their diseased doings!  When truth talkers are labeled conspiracy theorists by the corrupt system it seems to be an obvious ploy to discredit the FACTS!  People please look beyond this label and see for yourself.  Do not trust the system to feed you the truth.  They do not care about us!  We need to leave their dark society behind and go towards the one backed by goodness, light and the truth.  It’s that easy!  It’s just like what is happening with the Bitcoin movement.  I will post more about it shortly but if you don’t want to wait please google it and/or Max Keiser.



The elites have been packaging their harsh and evil society in good caused wrappers for a while now.  I  call it candy coated propaganda.  So many people jump on their bandwagons without looking deeper.  Who wouldn’t want to save the earth?  Who wouldn’t want to ensure a better future for their children.  When you look deeper you will begin to realize not only does their green movement not apply to all parts of the globe, like China, but it will actually strip us away of our money, rights and freedoms.  I love nature but not enough to live like a cave person in the cold and dark!

Rosa Koire is a democrat with over 25 years of real estate appraiser experience who wrote Behind The Green Mask U.N. Agenda 21.  She goes into how it is meant to enslave us by making us so poor so they can control and monitor every aspect of our lives.  Does not sound like a good thing.  She has been interviewed by Alex Jones of TJ Wilson of and Brian Lilley of Sun News Network too.  She is very informed and very educated about Agenda 21 per Alex Jones during her most recent interview this month.

How about we develop green human friendly agendas?  I will continue to recycle and eat organic.  My strong recommendation is that we must stop using chemicals in our food, water and products.  Let’s go back to nature and leave the tinkering of things alone and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a total abomination!

I just read an article that was tweeted this morning how Arizona State has approved a ban of Agenda 21!

State Ban on UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate

March 28, 2013   Source: The New American – by Alex Newman

Under immense pressure from grassroots activists across the political spectrum, lawmakers in the Arizona Senate approved legislation last week that would ban the controversial United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as UN Agenda 21 within the state. The measure in Arizona follows similar efforts in other states and comes amid increasing nationwide outrage about the international so-called “sustainability” plot, which according to UN documents aims to radically restructure human civilization under the guise of environmentalism and fighting poverty.”  More of the article here.

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