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The Gothic Image by Emile Male.

I love to read and collect vintage books.  So when I found out that there was a church book sale nearby, I just had to go.  They never disappoint and I was drawn to the above mentioned book.  It was the Illustrated edition and printed in 1958 by Emile Male of Harper Torchbooks.

When I am interested in something it usually has a meaning behind it, sometimes it takes a bit of digging before I even understand it.  Flipping through the book and skimming over it’s slight yellowing pages with pictures and drawings of almost strange images and art I notice the following:

“The Middle Ages had a passion for order.  They organised art as they had organised dogma, secular learning and society.  The artistic representation of sacred subjects was a science governed by fixed laws which could not be broken at the dictates of individual imagination.  It cannot be questioned that this theology of art, if one may so put it, was soon reduced to a body of doctrine, for from very early times the craftsmen are seen submitting to it from one end of Europe to the other.  This science was transmitted by the Church to the lay sculptors and painters of the thirteenth century who religiously guarded the sacred traditions, so that, even in the centuries in which it was most vigorous, mediaeval art retained the hieratic grandeur of primitive art.

These are the general principles which it concerns us to state at the outset as briefly as possible  ”

*Please note this book was translated from French to English so understand the spelling mistakes in the above quote are from the actual introduction of the book.

When I was in Paris I visited Notre Dame  and the Basilica.  They were both very beautiful and incredible to say the least but there was a deeper meaning that my lighting of some candles didn’t really shine on.  I was overwhelmed but still sensed feelings of something great.  I would have no idea that years later I would have actually had the experience to recall it and finally understand a bit more.

I believe that what I am supposed to bring to light here in my blog is that mans constant drive for perfection has often gone about the wrong way by using evil and destruction.   For instance, in this day and age we have some elite and their UN driving engine pushing something that probably looks great on paper but when it comes down to it, it is not.  Is it possible to achieve a perfect utopia?  Not by deception, I can tell you that!  Plus it can only come about if all are considered for a good end result.  I don’t understand how only a select few would be allowed to live in harmony while the others are treated so poorly!  That bad energy will not fade, believe me!  I am here to warn you.  I am not doing this for any personal gain at all and what I do is truly for the greater good.

Read my Creating a Perfect Utopia and see the difference.  It is based on truth, goodness and a want to succeed as a whole and not for only a tiny few.  Of course we need to change things for the better but it needs to be done openly and with respect to the individuals in mind.

I also found a very interesting picture from the book that I wanted to share with you:


Rider of the Apocalypse from the 1958 Book The Gothic Image Religious Art In France Of The 13th Century by Emile Male of Harper Torchbooks.

If you ignore my warnings then be prepared for what will come your way by means of your own hands.  I am here to peacefully bring light to your dark minds and your dark hearts.  Repent, beg for God’s forgiveness and stand together with us in the light of goodness so that we can go forward and truly create a perfect society.  (that message was for the NWO globalists btw ;) ).

I think it’s a circle society where the pyramid, where the ultra rich are propped up by the poor and struggling, is turned upside down and we are joined as one, just like in the natural order “circle” where we are said to go when we die but I sense that we are experiencing it now through the internet.  A deeper form of communication and the sharing of information.

0439000744568G When visiting my parents a couple weeks ago, my father and I ventured out to some of our favorite thrift shops because it’s our thing to spend hours searching for vintage treasures like toys, board games, house decor, oddities and books!

Anyways we went to this HUGE thrift shop and I was so fortunate to find the above mentioned book, The Complete Astrologer. It is something else, I tell you! Filled with so much information and unlike any type of astrology book that I have ever seen before. I have been reviewing it while reading 2 other books so I have barely broke the surface with this one. It’s a mental juggling act that I don’t mind for the true greater good, but I do need to focus on it exclusively once I’m finished the two. My Amazon Wish List has to wait for a bit :(

There are two versions of this book and both are featured in pictures in this blog.  There is a white covered version of this book but the issue I found is the red hardcover one that I found shelled in a solid, red and thick paper case.  The picture is right below this paragraph.


When I flipped through it’s thick, yet smooth, colorful, yet dull pages, I felt as though I was in a Beatles 70s movie lol So 70′s esque! The artwork is amazing and even the fonts make you want to run outside on a sunny day in a wheat field, in the nude, whilst picking some wildflowers that start to bloom under your bare feet.


The couple that wrote it, Parkers, have written so many more books too. I am actually kind of excited to try and collect them all. It’s very rare that I find these treasures in person so I will resort to Amazon and Ebay because it is so very easy to purchase out of print books that way.

I just wanted to share this with you because I think it’s a book that people who are interested in astrology and/or the zodiac might want to check out. Peace out ;)



Improving Your Faults Through The Zodiac


I know this sounds a bit crazy but if you truly want to improve yourself you need to know both your positives and negatives. I find the best way to learn is through the zodiac. I love vintage books and the best way to find them is at thrift shops, amazon.ca, ebay.ca and borrowing. I was at this church sale last year and I found this awesome zodiac book from the UK printed in 1993 titled, “The Signs Of The Zodiac & How To Interpret Them ASTROLOGY Planets &  Birth Signs Astrology & Diets”. It really broke things down for me via my sign. Not only for myself either, I wrote another blog titled, “Understanding People Better Through The Zodiac…”: http://toparanormal.org/2012/12/undestading-people-better-through-the-zodiac-touching-on-a-balanced-society/

I learned that my sign had negatives, as well as, positives. Libras typically are vain and unreliable and I became aware of this so I recognized that these were in fact my weaknesses as I reflected back! I have since improved simply by correcting my behavior because I was now aware of something that had always been in plain view.  If I make a commitment or if I have a responsibility then I put effort towards following it through and I don’t do things half assed either! I am compromising when it comes to my vanity, however. I do think that my body is a temple so I work out, eat healthier 80% of the times and take the time to style myself to my liking. Fortunately I have realized that it doesn’t take that much effort. Thank you mom and dad! My father calls me his l’acqua e sapona (soap and water) girl so I am very lucky that I never really had to spend hours on my hair and makeup, but my problem was looking in the mirror a lot. Today I make more effort towards my spiritual beauty while keeping my mind and body very fit and healthy. I still make sure I look pretty in good time though but I don’t spend so much time looking in the mirror. It’s so tough because I love beautiful things, myself included. ;)


I happened upon this vintage zodiac book from the UK at a local church sale and have referenced it many times when I am bumping heads with someone in order to help me better understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as, my own. I actually eased up on them a bit more and actually worked harder on my own faults too.  I am very vain, I was constantly looking in the mirror?  It was a bit exhausting to be honest.  I also work hard at always looking my best! I work out 5 days a week and try to eat healthy GMO free and organic foods too. I am into taking D3, the B50 complex, fish oil and garlic everyday too. I am balanced all around. Sometimes I think I am a little too over the top so when it’s not that special of an occasion I try to ease up and not spend as much time on my looks. I actually found out that I look sometimes better when I am not trying so hard. Less really is more!

Anyways, I just wanted to post this little something now before I post something major about developing a society that is balanced and not extreme. Today for instance I find the world to be run in a very negative manor based on lies, deception, violence and greed. I sense that this must stop, however, I do not believe that we should not have any government and structure at all. Why can’t we be in the middle? Why do we need a black or white society? Can’t we just be normal and good? I don’t feel that we need to suffer on either end. This is coming from a Libra that loves balance by the way lol Anyways, I am thinking about that a lot lately. In order for us ALL to greatly advance we just need to do a little tweaking to get there. It’s rather a simple thing. We just need to come together but with respect to each individual because we are all important. We should always respect a person’s rights, freedoms and never deceive them while keeping the laws of the natural order in mind. Simple! Speaking of which I can not post pics anymore. I updated my blog and it’s not working anymore. I hope there is a fix to it!  Update:  website is now running optimally again thanks to my best friend :D

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