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Dental Onlays


Dental inlays or inlay restoration is used to restore the biting surfaces of back teeth with the help of custom made filling. The fillings are made in dental laboratories by professionals with great precision. The fillings are aesthetically crafted out of composite materials, like gold or porcelain. Porcelain inlays are more common in comparison to metal inlays, as they look more natural due their whitish color. Inlays are cemented into the tooth for a permanent bonding. Inlay restoration provides structural integrity and help to maintain a good oral health by preventing cavities.

Why Dental Onlays?

Dental inlays are used to repair broken and fractured teeth, cosmetic enhancement, repair decayed teeth and mend fractured and large fillings. They are the best alternative for traditionally done silver and composite fillings and a better option in comparison to crowns. Dental inlays are more durable and comfortable and the best way to get a naturally beautiful smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Inlays?

  • Natural manifestation

  • Non- discoloration

  • Enhanced aesthetics

  • More durable

  • Solid construction

What Is The Procedure Of Dental Inlays?

The inlay procedure is usually carried out in two appointments. During the first appointment, experienced dentists at Creating Smiles take the impressions of tooth structure in order to create an accurate custom inlay according to individual specification. The dentist will also thoroughly examine the tooth and treat tooth decay and remove filling materials. The spacing will be shaped to fit in the inlay restoration and a temporary filling is done for the meanwhile. During second appointment the custom made inlays are cemented on the tooth.